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The Rapp for May 25

Fourth Estate Friday at Country Cafe; "Republic For Which We Stand" premieres Sunday at Stone Hill Amphitheater; RCHS seniors raising funds to improve county park; and Food Pantry gets a special delivery.
Meetings and notices for May 25

The Flint Hill Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department will be out in the village of Flint Hill, Saturday/Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., for our Annual Memorial Day Weekend "FILL THE BOOT" drive.
Down Memory Lane for May 25

Nov. 29, 1995: Photographer Ted Pellegatta has produced a color calendar, entitled “Rappahannock,” and is for sale during a three-day “Calendar Event” at Cabin Fever Books on Gay Street in Washington.
Fire and rescue calls for May 25

Friday, May 19: 10:04 a.m — Warren County, mutual aid, company 9; 11:26 a.m — Sperryville Pike, Sperryville, seizure, companies 1 and 7; 3:14 p.m. — Richmond Road, Amissville, 911 open line, company 5.
Courthouse Row for May 25 

The costs cited with the following permit applications are estimates: Melissa Gonzales, Castleton, dwelling, $420,000; Nick and Joanne Merriam, Amissville, dwelling, $90,000.
Cows outnumber people in Rappahannock

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Rappahannock County has more cattle than people, with a count of 10,800 cattle and calves and 6,200 beef cows, according to the state figures, not including dairy cow production.
EMT course at RappU is a go

RappU and Associates in Emergency Care are pleased to announce that the hybrid ​EMT BLS course will be offered at RappU (11669 Lee Highway in Sperryville) beginning Tuesday, June 27.
Cause for celebration? 

The AHCA was passed recently by the House after a few hours of consideration of recent amendments. Rep. Garrett admitted that he did not even read the bill, but relied on his staff’s summary, before he voted to approve it.