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Big bear fancies beer

Large bears certainly aren’t a rarity in Rappahannock County, but Washington residents couldn’t believe their eyes when a huge black bear showed up uninvited on their kitchen porch. […]


Nol Putnam: Metal Muse

Putnam could be mistaken for the superficial model-type, but his thoughts and opinions run deep, and his talent as a blacksmith even deeper. And his reputation in the world’s second-oldest trade reaches far beyond the Piedmont. […]


Blow back

To understand what is happening today in the Middle East, and throughout Europe, and the Muslim world generally . . . and yes in the U.S.A., consider two eternal axioms: 1) You reap what you sow; and 2) The friend of my enemy is my enemy. […]

Letters to the Editor

Excluding ‘Jimmy’

It has been brought to my attention that Jimmy Swindler has been passed over for consideration for Rappahannock County [Schools] Superintendent. This is a complete farce and a slap in the face to Mr. Swindler. […]

Letters to the Editor

Dog quotes Comey

I read a copy of the June 15 Rappahannock News while passing through little Washington. Well played on the caption to the photo of the dog and snake. I love small local papers, and gems like that are precisely why. […]

Awards and Honors

Walker Jones honorees

 Local attorneys Julia S. Savage and Susan F. Pierce, who practice law in the town of Washington and Warrenton for the law firm Walker Jones, have been chosen as Super Lawyers 2017. […]

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