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Supervisors reorganize, slightly

The RCBS reorganized at its first regular meeting of the year. They honored retiring Shenandoah National Park Superintendent Jim Northup, and unanimously approved a special-exception event permit for Narmada Winery.
Graves pleads guilty to drugged driving and maiming

In a brief but emotional court appearance, 29-year-old Bryan Daniel Graves pleaded guilty in Rappahannock County Circuit Court Monday (Jan. 9) to both charges against him: driving while intoxicated and causing maiming, a felony; and a second-time DWI offense, a…
Sperryville column for Jan. 19

Nina explains that the new series “is a faith-based, post-apocalyptic drama starring eight millennial women stranded on a farm after a solar flare hits the earth, and they decide to rebuild civilization without losing their humanity, and all they have…
Clark Hollow Ramblings: In the bleak midwinter

Here’s hoping you have better luck with your resolutions and the New Year brings you good health and happiness. I would wish you wealth, but you already live in Rappahannock County. That’s the biggest blessing I could wish for you.
A welcome, and a thank you

The Rappahannock News has a new editor, esteemed longtime journalist (and more recent restauranteur) John McCaslin, who succeeds Roger Piantadosi who, after trying once before, is retiring from the “weekly miracle.”
Your Next Best Friend: Shannon

Hi, my name’s Shannon. I may be a redhead but I’m not Irish. American as they come. Us hounds go back a few centuries in the country’s history. I’m a redtick coonhound and came to RAWL as a stray.
Thank you, Mr. President

President Obama, thank you for being our president for the past eight years, for trying your best when many tried to falsely accuse you, for always insisting that America was a shining beacon to the rest of the word.
Thanks again to blood donors

We would like to thank everyone who came to the Washington fire hall on Jan. 4 to donate blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive. The response was great, and the Red Cross collected 34 usable pints of blood!
Just repeal Obamacare

The new administration and the new Congress should not be caught up in satisfying a liberal lie for a thinly disguised income-redistribution scheme. Repeal the Affordable Care Act!
The Rapp for Jan. 12

Celebrate Dr. King's birthday with a former Miss America on Sunday at Little Washington Theatre. Middle Street Gallery's first major show of the year is in their new gallery space and RAAC Theatre names new artistic director.
Drone’s-eye view

Before the snow flew last weekend, Rappahannock County visitor Jim Bower launched his remote-controlled drone over the abandoned Red Oak Mountain lookout near Woodville.
Woodville weather tracks

The winter season’s first measurable snowfall over the weekend brought anywhere from a dusting of snow in the northern reaches of Rappahannock County to as much as a few inches in the south.
Down Memory Lane for Jan. 12

April 5, 1990: The county’s Board of Supervisors moved a step closer to making cable television available to 1,140 of the approximately 2,700 homes.
Washington column for Jan. 12

The Child Care and Learning Center announce a new playground, Washington VFD host a Free Breakfast next Saturday and The Inn at Little Washington welcomes locals to dine and stay over at discounted rates through their Friends and Neighbors program.