Giving: It’s on the rise

At a time of giving thanks, it’s best to start by recognizing those who give. And that would be us – or, the people and businesses in and around Rappahannock County. Though official statistics are hard to come by, there’s…
Ted Pellegatta: photos, with feeling

Ted Pellegatta has worn a lot of hats in his life. When he’s doing what he loves best, however, he usually has to remove the hat – the brim interferes with the camera. With his new book out, it's time…
Gen. McClellan snubs his President

On Sunday, Nov. 10, President Jefferson Davis wrote to Gen. Joseph E. Johnston at Manassas that he was surprised the Army had shown so little increase since July, but that “we are restricted in our capacity to reinforce by want…
Photo: The mitigators

From left, participants in last week’s Culpeper Soil & Water Conservation District (CSWCD) all-day workshop on restoring and protecting streambeds, wetlands and habitat included Rappahannockians Beverly Hunter, Jonathan Marquisee, David Massie, Don Loock and Donna Marquisee and CSWCD staffers Richard…
SCBI: Making room for leopards, pandas and . . . students

Just two miles downhill from Chester Gap on U.S. 522, some of the world’s most exotic and endangered species are raising families within the heavily secured confines of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) in Front Royal – and they’re…
The Rapp for Nov. 17

Another winning photo for Molly Peterson, a star-studded Smithsonian at the Theatre concert, a singalong at Trinity, Business Link at the Thornton River Grille, a visitors center open house and more.
The Trent affair begins

In the Shenandoah Valley Nov. 4, Maj. Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson assumed command of the new Shenandoah Valley District with headquarters at Winchester, soon to be the scene of his greatest triumphs.
The coyote is ‘here to stay’

That unusual sound you hear after dark in Rappahannock County – between the more familiar bark of distant dogs and the occasional passing plane – could very well be the yip and howl of the eastern coyote.
The Rapp for Nov. 10

Middle Street Gallery's grand opening, CCLC's annual fundraiser auction, a solar-energy talk at Hearthstone, and RCCA's annual meeting.
Letter: Farming is the credential to consider

In the 1930s, during the pit of the great depression, an ecologically disastrous event occurred in the heartland of America. Soil from barren, dry fields began blowing away and created what we now call the Dust Bowl. In the wake…