Four plead guilty to drug, driving, other offenses

Four defendants entered guilty pleas — and two were subsequently sentenced — to a variety of drug, driving and property-destruction charges last Thursday (Sept. 5) in Rappahannock County Circuit Court. Five others were indicted on 17 felony charges by a…
Fauquier Hospital merger could benefit county

Fauquier Hospital’s announcement last week of a signed merger agreement with LifePoint Hospitals is more a sign of the times than a reason to worry that health care for Rappahannock County patients will undergo any drastic changes.

The Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors approved two proposed borrowing resolutions by the Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services Board (RRCSB) and adopted the rates for the county’s new paid EMS transports at its holiday-delayed monthly meeting last Thursday afternoon (Sept. 5).
Washington nature trail takes shape

Recently some Old Rag Master Naturalists (ORMN), accompanied by Washington mayor John Sullivan, led two Virginia Master Naturalist coordinators on a tour of a habitat restoration project at the town’s wastewater treatment facility property.
High school drama, well represented

It’s a theatrical crowd, this year’s drama club at Rappahannock County High School. Bright eyes, emphatic gesticulations and exclamations erupted from four of the club members as they honed their skills Monday afternoon in preparation for the Rappahannock-hosted One Act…
The Rapp for Sept. 12

Shakespeare and Mark Russell return to the Theatre, details on the first annual Wellness Festival, Farm Tour and Civil War Heritage Days, RAAC awards three more Mitchell Fund grants, Old Rag Photography teaches you how to take better pictures with…

Rappahannock County is normally so quiet that, paradoxically, the slightest unwelcome noise becomes that much more annoying. Thus any unexpected environmental noise calls attention to itself. Not only is that an annoying distraction, but also, according to health professionals, releases…
Brittany Dwyer’s Taste of Rappahannock speech

Video of a speech delivered at the Headwaters Foundation's annual "Taste of Rappahannock" by Rappahannock County High School graduate Brittany Dwyer, who has worked with Headwaters over the years as a student, volunteer and employee.
School & sports news for Sept. 12

More victories and positive signs were racked up by the Rapp Sports teams in the past week, reports RCPS athletic director Jimmy Swindler in this week’s school & sports news.
‘How Headwaters changed my life’

Rappahannock County High School graduate Brittany Dwyer, who has worked with the Headwaters Foundation over the years as a student, volunteer and employee, gave the following moving speech to the crowd at the foundation’s annual “Taste of Rappahannock” fundraiser dinner…
Photo: Missing lynx?

Pat Choate spotted this bobcat in his backyard on Little Jenkins Mountain last Saturday and managed to take a photo before the creature disappeared.
Photo: Crate expectations

Apples await weekend customers at Thornton River Orchard, which has been open for nearly a decade on U.S. 211 across from Hearthstone School west of Sperryville.
Photo: Life-saving grant

Brian Wolfe presents Rappahannock County Sheriff Connie C. Smith with a $1,500 grant on behalf of the Rappahannock Electric Cooperative last month.

A response from Commonwealth's Attorney Art Goff to letters published last week that were critical of what the writers viewed as an unfairly light sentence in the case of Timothy Overton, who was originally charged with brandishing a firearm.

The Nov. 5 general election will determine whether Virginia’s House of Delegates continues to be paralyzed by gridlock churned by partisan extremists like Del. Michael Webert (R-18th). Webert obediently follows an ultra-conservative agenda that is plainly out of step with…