Williams pleads guilty to sex charges

A Huntly man charged with 22 counts of various sexual abuse crimes pleaded guilty Tuesday afternoon (Feb. 25) to three counts of intercourse with a child under 13 in Rappahannock County Circuit Court.
Green golf course hits yellow light

After recommending a change to the zoning code in November to allow such a thing, the Rappahannock County Planning Commission last week tabled Cliff Miller IV’s application for a permit to build a nine-hole golf course.

The Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors is holding a public hearing at 7 p.m. Monday night (March 6) to discuss possible changes to the county’s trash ordinances.
The Rapp for Feb. 27

Our Fourth (Estate) Friday continues tomorrow at the Cafe, Hunt Harris’ Mary’s Rock and moonlit hikes resume, RAAC screens “Enough Said,” Donna LaPre teaches a needle felting class, balalaika music returns to the Theatre and more in this week’s Rapp…
Editorial: Weather why’s, chapter 2

A couple of weeks ago an editorial in this space pointed out that bitterly cold weather here in Rappahannock County didn’t contradict the scientific consensus on global warming. Now, that anecdotal evidence is matched by the latest numbers from NOAA.
Photo: Still at large

A young, apparently orphaned black bear seen near several homes in Harris Hollow over the last few weeks climbs atop the trap this week set by state wildlife authorities.

I fear that the school board and your reporter may have misheard what I said at the public hearing the other day. I did not say, as the Feb. 20 article asserts, that “the board should turn an eye toward…

I feel concerned and sorry for Walter Nicklin [“Weather why’s,” Feb. 6], since he is so closed-minded. Someone with a dearth of facts and a weak argument will make their point even weaker by demeaning and belittling those who hold another,…

Walter Nicklin, in last week’s editorial, “Women are people, too,” would have us believe that those who seek to restrict access to contraception and abortion are taking “extreme positions on women’s rights.” The World Health Organization has found contraceptives to…