School year calendar adopted

A 2015-2016 school year calendar that adds two days to spring break, allows for nine snow days and starts classes on Tuesday, Aug. 11 — two days earlier than the current year — was adopted unanimously by the Rappahannock County School Board at its regular meeting Tuesday night (April 14) at the high school.

The calendar also evens out the year’s two semesters at 90 days each, and allows SOL testing to be completed before the two-week winter break. Superintendent Donna Matthews told the board that if the the nine snow days are not used next winter, the year would have to be shortened accordingly. Teachers are paid for 180 classroom days, she said; the 2015-2016 calendar, including snow days, totals 188 days.

The school division budgeted for five weather-related cancellations this winter and has so far had to cancel eight days.

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