What’s recyclable in Rappahannock?

Tom Morris via Wikimedia CommonsTom Morris via Wikimedia Commons

Since Rappahannock County moved to single-stream recycling last month, significantly more items — and more easily stored and transported items — can be brought to the Amissville and Flatwood recycling centers, including:

• Glass bottles and jars, cans (aluminum, steel and tin) and plastics (types #1 through #7) can all now be collected in one container.

Newspapers, magazines, flattened paper bags and office paper can also go in one container. No strings or plastic bags.

Cardboard, all types, go in yet another container at both facilities. You need to flatten them first.

• For batteries (including rechargeable, alkaline and lead-acid), check with the facility attendants, who’ll show you where to leave them. Same goes for used oil, oil filters, antifreeze, fluorescent bulbs and electronics.

Flatwood also now has a metal recycling container (for items generally smaller than the large appliances you can drop at Amissville).

Amissville is open 7:30 to 5:30 every day except Sunday (540-937-3337); Flatwood is open 7 to 7 Wednesday-Thursday and 9 to 7 Friday-Sunday (540-987-8985).

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