Letter: Demaris Miller has my support and write-in vote

The answers to our educational challenges are not nearly as easy as some might think. They demand accurate information, compromise and respect. To move forward, we must work together.

Educating our children is complicated and emotional. The current system is so complex it cannot be reduced to a simple sound bite.

School board members must not only have a firm grasp of the practices and procedures. They must be able to handle situations impartially and fairly.

We are fortunate to have Demaris Miller as a write-in candidate for Hampton district’s school board seat.

Mrs. Miller is a retired teacher, nurse and psychologist. Her experience with budgets enables her a leg up in managing the school’s $13 million budget.

Demaris Miller is a fair person who can listen to people respectfully. She is a good Christian and faithful member of F.T. Valley Baptist Church.

Demaris Miller has my support and write-in vote.

Susan Longyear


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