Sheriff’s Report for Oct. 27

Last Friday (Oct. 21), Dodson attempted to stop a vehicle on Zachary Taylor Highway for a traffic violation, which drove off. The driver, Gary Lee Allison, 39, of Front Royal, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and…
Multi-use trail starts out uphill

In Rappahannock, where residents fiercely defend the county’s rural and scenic nature, who could possibly object to a trail connecting the county’s villages, schools and recreation area? But several attending the Oct. 19 planning commission meeting did.

An ode to Rappahannock: Esteemed local photographer Ted Pellegatta pictures his homeland in verse.
News briefs for Oct. 27

4-H thanks Jim Massie; Thornton Gap congregation has new pastor; Septic system funding available; and New RappCats president thanks supporters.
Wild Ideas: The monarchs of Death Valley   

When Pam Owen went to Death Valley National Park earlier this month, she didn’t expect the first animal she’d see to be a monarch butterfly and wondered what they were doing there, in this week’s Wild Ideas column.
Six galleries rejoin annual Art Tour

The three new galleries open for the Artists of Rappahannock Studio and Gallery Tour, noted in an earlier report on the Nov. 5-6 event, join the following six Rappahannock galleries with a bit more history on the tour.
Many thanks, Chester Gap VFD

Wakefield Country Day School would like to thank the wonderful firefighters of Chester Gap Fire Department who visited our school last week to teach our children fire safety during the school's annual observation of National Fire Prevention Week.
For the record, the report was biased

The front-page article in the Rappahannock News last week did not reflect a high level of journalistic skill or content. In fact, the author’s bias was evident in his first sentence and continued on a downward trajectory.
Trump: ‘Unfit to be chief executive’

If one thing has become abundantly clear, it is this, the Republican candidate, Donald John Trump, has proven himself to be the most offensive, vulgar and rancid-minded ignoramus ever to be put forth by a major party for the office.
Why we don’t need Tom Garrett in Congress

Sen. Garrett’s pronouncements and track record would have us believe that he would focus his efforts in Congress on job creation and many of the other important challenges facing working families. Here is what his actual priorities appear to be.
Complacency: Vote against it.

I took a sigh of relief to read that a gap had opened up, giving Democrats a lead in the polls, after an unguarded microphone revealed again the lack of moral compass.
I’m voting for integrity

That word so clearly describes Jane Dittmar’s experience and her expectations. Her extensive background in business and her training as a mediator all represent her belief in “integrity” and that it is, truly, a standard in her life.
Politics in the year 2016

Just as no one would accuse Trump of being a gentleman, no one would accuse Clinton of being honest or ethical, as she makes Richard Nixon look like a saint. Our choice is between a creep and a crook.