Three cheers for Boots ‘n Beer

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Under the headline “Shenandoah Park eyesore,” the Rappahannock News published photographs two weeks ago of an unsightly dump — 10 tires and other assorted garbage — found next to the headwaters of the Thornton River some two miles within the park’s boundary.

“Done,” now writes Garrick Giebel of the Warrenton-based Boots ‘n Beer Hiking club, which descended on the trash heap on President’s Day. “Attached photo of the smiling work crew from (a non-profit charity). The National Park Service provided trash bags, equipment and a truck to pick it all up.”

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One thought on “Three cheers for Boots ‘n Beer

  1. Thank you Boots ‘n Beer Hiking club! It’s wonderful to see our community in action. Looking forward to joining you some day!!

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