Worthy non-profits abound in Rappahannock

This year marks the third year of Northern Piedmont Community Foundation's successful one-day online giving event known as Give Local Piedmont (GLP). Nonprofits across the four-county region participate in tapping the community for vital support.
First-ever winery for Gid Brown Hollow

The smell of freshly hewn lumber greeted me as I entered the cavernous wine tasting room on Gid Brown Hollow Road. The ceiling soars and the Amish timber framed architecture is stunning.
Washington column for April 27

Saturday's Garden Week tour has the town abuzz; the mayor and clerk have been planting roses; The Inn is holding a special market; Trinity Episcopal Church is holding a raffle; and visit the new owners of The Gay Street Inn.
Rural soul

Rappahannock county boasts a view of the mountains, twisty curvy back roads, and an unyielding commitment to environmental protection. Unlike so many rural areas, our economic struggles are encased in beauty.
Spanish immersion

Wakefield County Day School students, while living and dining with local families, spent their days studying Spanish at a local school, canoeing and hiking the river gorges, and exploring the city's historic cathedrals and castle.
Rappahannock student deserves praise

Teens often cover for each other, not telling their parents or teachers what's going on. Last week, one or more of our local kids "ratted" that their high school buddies were about to blow up the high school.
Parents need information

This is the most information we as a community have received. It puts to rest a lot of the rumors. Greatly puts my mind at ease combing this article with the one from a couple days ago.
Desperate for answers

Tomorrow begins another week of not having answers to the questions that most parents have. Is it safe enough to send our children to school?? Why can’t we get the answers that we desperately need?
Meet your next best friend: Ruby

I’m a senior dog and came to RAWL after being chained up my whole life. I weigh 55 pounds, and I’m a Lab/Border Collie mix. Age slowed me down a bit but I move around pretty well now.
Scoring a ‘Home in One’

Last Friday, 36 golfers and a merry group of volunteers and spectators came out to play in the sun, cheer each other on, and raise money and awareness for Rapp at Home.
Bottles and hubcaps

Rappahannock County Lions Club enlisted the Rapp high school’s Leo Club to clean up Rock Mills. Lions and Leos picked up 37 bags of litter, according to Lion Larry Grove, “and 4 various car parts.”
A ball of vine?

From a distance it resembles a giant ball of twine, but upon closer inspection groundskeepers of the Inn at Little Washington obviously got creative while clearing vines from The Inn’s expansive gardens.