Eight applicants for schools superintendent

“Our goal is to determine a top three or five and set up interviews for the coming two weeks,” he explained. “It is likely we will not have a decision by the June regular meeting, but potentially before the end…
Sperryville column for May 25

Arousing perhaps the most emotion was the unveiling of the plaque inscribed with family names and photos, an honor given a woman — Mary Bolen Burner, 96 — lived and made her home upon the Blue Ridge Mountain land.
Sperryville among America’s top ‘gems’

Thrillist, one of the country’s leading digital lifestyle brands providing all that's new or unknown in food, drink, entertainment, nightlife, gadgets and gear, has just chosen Sperryville as “The Best Small Town to Visit in all 50 States.”
Not a right, a benefit

Preserving Obamacare violates the freedoms on which this country was founded, in search of a “nicer world” which Adam and Eve abrogated for humanity. If you want socialism, move to Venezuela or Cuba.
Grateful for Castleton

All of us who attended the piano concert Sunday afternoon at the Theatre House at Castleton Farms were thrilled by the piano playing of Emanuel Rimoldi. He is an amazing young pianist.
The beautiful copperhead

Have no fear of them ‘coming after you.’ They will not. If you do not harass them, they will do one of two things: they will stay still, depending on camouflage, so as to be overlooked, or they will flee.
Circle of life

I had to kill a copperhead two years ago when I came down my back steps. I turned to see what my cats were staring at and the copperhead struck me at my boot flap areas [but] didn't penetrate.
Sipping wisdom

Thanks to Merrimack College professor Joe Kelley, author of St Augustine of Hippo an inspiration to at least one member of this past year’s Augustinian discussion group at St Peter’s [Catholic] Church in Rappahannock County.
Washington column for May 25

CCLC’s 2004 pre-kindergarten class alumni came for a return visit; “Gestation Seven, One Was Black and One Was White,”book-signing this Saturday, May 27 at Rare Finds Gifts and Antiques in Washington with author Stewart Willis.
Descendants of the displaced

A uniquely bonded crowd turned out for Saturday’s dedication of the Blue Ridge Heritage Project’s Rappahannock Memorial near Sperryville, honoring those County families displaced during the formation of Shenandoah National Park.
Soap Box Derby sale

The sixth-annual Rappahannock County Driver’s Soap Box Derby yard sale, held on the grounds of the Old Sperryville Schoolhouse, offering everything from antique furniture to locally grown spring herbs and flowers, was a huge success.