Giddy up

Ben Jones [Comment article ‘Insanity’, April 20] came into town criticizing everything and everybody — the Inn and the town improvements, the mayor, and now the intelligence of some of the citizens.

If anyone’s intelligence is in question it is his. His tacky business doesn’t belong in this town. He needs to get over it. Get on his high horse and ride.

Doris Critzer

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3 thoughts on “Giddy up

  1. bitter is quite correct, perhaps the two of them should get on their high horse and ride. As for us “simple minded citizens” as louise calls us, how do we benefit from the INN, a mayor, or town improvements. Also Mrs. Critzer how many citizens enjoyed Ben Jones and his establishment compared to the inn? I cant help but wonder why the county is in the shape its getting in, but after reading this and Louises comments I can now understand why.

  2. Thank you Ms. Critzer,
    You voiced with humor what many residents of Rappahannock feel about the problems created (as well as county money wasted) by a few angry simple-minded people in this county. We are thankful for the return to peace left in their wake.


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