Look, up in the sky!

Officials from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative and Lockheed Martin gathered at the Schoolhouse Nine Golf Course in Sperryville on two days this past week to test fly an unmanned fixed-wing aircraft, which if everything goes well will soon take off to pinpoint power line outages in hard-to-reach areas of Rappahannock County. […]


‘A vote for me . . . ’

The 18th House District is infected by partisan politics and electing representatives from the two party system creates divisions. Preferring to be a unifier, I knew someone always feels left out and I wanted no part. I discovered that Republicans don’t vote Democrat and vice versa. […]

Letters to the Editor

Spreading ‘fake news’

Much has been made of the bike trail and what it will cost the county. The fact is the county is merely a conduit or ‘pass-through’ organization receiving funds for the trail from a VDOT grant and passing it on to an experienced contractor responsible for building the trail. […]