All work and all clay: Kat Habib

Most artists are struggling artists, one way or the other, but Kat Habib struggles mostly to find the time to be an artist. When she’s actually practicing art, hey — no problem. The Sperryville potter and florist is 33 and one of Rappahannock County’s younger practicing artists. […]

Letters to the Editor

Rapp depends on park visitors

This summer, the fee for a vehicle will go from $25 to $70. When I bought my senior pass in 1994, the cost was $10. Now, it will cost $80. This is part of a Republican effort to transfer tax supported maintenance costs to users in order to provide tax breaks for the very wealthy. […]


Candidate on camera

Members of Rappahannock County’s 4-H Film Club recently interviewed county resident Leslie Cockburn, who is among the Democrat candidates vying to unseat Republican incumbent Rep. Tom Garrett in Virginia’s Fifth District. […]