Clark Hollow Ramblings

Too many blessings?

When I started working on the tree I tried to keep thinking that it was a blessing of sorts; the maple would make pretty good firewood. Before I got the big end cut up and moved to my wood yard, I had begun to believe that I may have been given too many blessings. […]

Sperryville Column

A miracle on Viewtown Road

Her heart stopped, and within seconds of her fall — miraculously — a gentleman in a white pickup truck, driving along Viewtown Road, seeing her collapse, pulled up and applied CPR. The congregation knows not the identity of this man who showed up seemingly out of nowhere. […]


Steeped in history

The 12-day adventure included touring cathedrals, castles, landscapes, galleries, quaint villages, and historic homes. There was even a medieval banquet replete with a sword fighting demonstration. As Youngquist described the experience, “memories that will last a lifetime.” […]

Letters to the Editor

From nightmare to rescue

All of you able-bodied men and women out there who may be thinking of volunteering for a worthy cause, please consider joining a fire department or rescue squad! They provide a necessary, great, and much-needed service, and need more volunteers in order to keep providing critical care to Rappahannock County citizens. […]

Letters to the Editor

The heart of an incident

I was there during the storm and was so amazed and inspired of the professionalism, competence, dedication and calm demeanor of the dispatchers, who are really the heart of any incident. To all the dispatchers you did an amazing job during the storm. […]

Letters to the Editor

‘Harvests’ are for crops

Why not reprint this article, replacing the word “harvest” with the word “kill.” Better still, perhaps the news media can change their verb — “Last night, a man was harvested after being attacked by home invaders.” See? Now it doesn’t sound so bad! […]

The Rapp

The Rapp for March 15

Hats off to Rappahannock Electric Cooperative and more than 200 additional linemen who restored power to the county; and “Irish Chef Patron Patrick O’Connell” teams with renowned Irish chef as part of the Inn’s 40th anniversary. […]

Meetings and Notices

Meetings and notices for March 15

Rappahannock County Public Schools are looking to identify students from birth to age 21 who have or are suspected of having educational disabilities. If you have concerns about the development of a preschool aged child, please call the early childhood/VPI coordinator at 540.227.0200 to arrange for a screening. […]