Soccer success

Competitive travel teams at Culpeper Soccer Club (CSC) — Rappahannock County players included — recently completed the fall soccer season in leagues that span Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Boasting over 250 players. […]

Letters to the Editor

A fond farewell

Ms. Garton’s factual, positive, comments as to the state of our county government, assessment of what is going well and what her recommendations are for going forward to make our government function well in today’s world/environment are a breath of fresh air. […]

Letters to the Editor

Child’s play

Time for the RCCE to put an end to their perplexingly weak, defensive and adolescent posture and divulge their donor list so all can make fact-based judgments about the group. I suggest that the RCCE play an old game from their childhood: It’s called, “Show and Tell.” […]

Letters to the Editor

Paying for our suicide

While our Congressman Tom Garrett voted against additional disaster assistance to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria, (H.R. 4667); he voted in favor of the tax overhaul which continues the giveaway of our tax money to the fossil fuel industry. We should think about that. […]