100 Years Ago: Rappahannock County in World War 1

Training went on a week later with British officers providing instruction on the firing of Colt machine guns. Men had to carry these machine guns over a mile away for a drill that involved crawling 330 feet over a mud-covered field, then assembling their guns, and firing at targets. […]


About Mrs. Moore, optimist

When she caused a private bank in Perrysville, Ohio, to fail in 1911, the Cleveland Ohio Press, did not call her the “only female railroad promoter in the United States,” they simply called her, “Mrs. Moore, an optimist.” […]

Poor’s Manual of Railroads for 1891

Missing the train

Rappahannock County failed to get a railroad link to the outside world six times in the 1870s and twice in the 1880s. Now, in the spring of 1890, the giant Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Railway Company was contemplating a railroad along the Blue Ridge that would pass through Rappahannock County. […]

Ruth Elder, a dental assistant in Lakeland, Fla., took up flying in her early 20s. At her peak, she was known as the Flying Florida Flapper and Miss America of Aviation. Here she poses with her plane, “The American Girl.”
From the Rappahannock News

1929: Famed aviatrix Ruth Elder visits Sperryville

Ruth Elder was a famed aviatrix, though little remembered today. In the fall of 1927, five months after Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic, Elder, a pretty 23-year-old from Florida with only two years of flying experience, set off to become the first woman to fly the Atlantic. […]

Andrew Jackson, portrayed in 1833 as King Andrew the First, dressed in ermine and trampling under his feet the Judiciary of the United States, the Constitution of the United States, Internal Improvements and the Bank of the United States.
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Jackson’s anti-bank mandate

Part two of Don Audette’s history of the year 1833, as Andrew Jackson wages a one-man war against the Second National Bank of the United States and its proprietor, Nicholas Biddle. […]