Washington column for April 20

Washington Baptist Church is having their Grandma’s Attic yard sale April 22, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the church; The Inn's "Norman House" is undergoing a transformation; and some Easter memories.
Washington column for April 13

The Benevolent Fund, Social Services and others will host a celebration of Sharon Pyne's contribution to the community on April 19, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m, at Trinity Episcopal Church; and Ballard's spring sale feature tablecloths fitting for Easter.
Down Memory Lane for April 13

June 30, 1983: In 1951, a small group of people led by Commonwealth’s attorney George Davis worked tirelessly through the spring and summer hoping that Rappahannock would grow into the summer home for the Virginia Orchestra.
Courthouse Row for April 13

Home/land transfers — Hampton: Alfred S. Regnery and Audrey A. Regnery, husband and wife to Alfred S. Regnery trustee or successors of the Alfred S. Regnery Revocable Trust, 83.39 acres.
Washington column for April 6

Everyone wants our town to be beautiful for the tourists. If you were a tourist coming to visit, wonder what your first expression would be to see the old motel? Swing by and take a look at the motel.
Down Memory Lane for April 6

When the state of Virginia moved the mountain people from their homes to clear the way for Shenandoah National Park, “it hurt some of them pretty bad … It hurt their souls, their heart,” Elmer Atkins believes.
Courthouse Row for April 6

The costs cited with the following permit applications are estimates: Mimy Indra and David Kane, Flint Hill, add 100 amp subpanel, $800.00; Ridge 35 LLC, Washington, interior renovations, window, door, roof replacement and add deck, $300,000.
Washington Column for March 30

Historic Garden Week is around the corner. Businesses of Rappahannock honor Shaw's; John Bourgeois hosts Rapp at Home tea gathering; and CCLC receive 20 pairs of donated rain boots.
Down Memory Lane for March 30

Dec. 24, 1997: Fire Chief Richie Burke and retired chief Charles K. “Pete” Estes thumbed through mounds of records, journals, and ancient photographs searching for the beginnings of the Sperryville Volunteer Fire Company.
Courthouse Row for March 30

The costs cited with the following permit applications are estimates: Fred and Brenda Payne, Flint Hill, inground Pool, $32,000 — Washington Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Ladies Auxiliary, Washington, accessory building, $90,000.
Washington column for March 23

Washington VFD had a busy evening this past Saturday when 160 hungry people showed up for its ham and oyster dinner fundraiser; and it's wedding gift season, so R. H. Ballard shop has a stack of new Italian handmade bowls…
Down Memory Lane for March 23

April 14, 1983: Claybert Smoot was back before the supervisors at their April board meeting with his complaints about excessive noise and trespassing arising from events held at the Washington Community Center and lack of response from local police.