Potential school shooting thwarted

Potential tragedy has been averted at Rappahannock County High School with the arrest of a 17-year-old male student who allegedly boasted of “coming in and shooting up the school.”
The difficult decision to resume classes

Feeling reassured by what he’d been told, Blair by Monday afternoon “felt I had no reason not to have school. The sheriff’s office was decisive and detailed. I was incredibly impressed with the quality of Sheriff Compton’s investigation.”
Rappahannock among America’s most endangered rivers

The Rappahannock River, which begins as a trickle outside Chester Gap and empties wide and deep into the Chesapeake Bay, was named one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers, because of the threat fracking could pose to clean drinking water.
Rappahannock County’s ‘stunning’ past

More than 3,500 slaves worked farms here prior to Civil War: One year before the start of the American Civil War, Rappahannock County’s white population barely outnumbered its tremendous number of slaves.
Saturday feature: Decanted

See "Decanted," all about the trials and tribulations to [successfully] make it in Napa Valley, as the Film Festival at Little Washington begins.
Friday feature: Badsville

The 2017 Canadian Film Fest's Best Director and Best Costume Design awards both went recently to "Badsville," which makes its East Coast premiere Friday, April 7 at the Film Festival at Little Washington.
RappU raises the academic bar

RappU’s new nurse aide training lab: an entire classroom equipped with three hospital beds, life-like manikins, and extensive array of medical devices. If you didn’t know better you’d swear you were standing in a hospital ward.
‘The Clyde Brothers’ bring it home

The highly talented brotherly partnership of Rob and Ben Clyde, with a high addiction to film and TV, left their native Virginia for Los Angeles — where they have made quite the name for themselves.
Richie Burke stuns county by resigning

Months of upheaval in the county government worsened Tuesday night when Richie Burke — the county’s “workhorse” who performs as building official, emergency services and emergency 911 coordinator — submitted his resignation effective June 1.
Popular congressman — so to speak

This week, rather than wondering how many constituents might show up at his upcoming town hall, the congressman is releasing a “ticketing and attendance plan” — namely a lottery — for the March 31 event in Charlottesville.