Rappahannock planner dares to confront the future

In a wide-ranging Q&A with the Rappahannock News, Henry shared his thoughts on current and future land use and zoning realating to an updated comprehensive plan, increasing revenue, agriculture renewal, tourism and more.
O’Connell, the Inn celebrate 39 years

It seems like yesterday that we were starting out in a garage on Main Street with a staff of two in a dry county. Four decades goes by pretty fast when you're having this much fun.
Another banner year for Rappahannock County motorists

It’s official: 2016 was Rappahannock County’s fourth year in a row with no traffic fatalities. In Rappahannock County over the last five years an average of 143 crashes occurred annually, including about 50 per year that involved injuries.
An invitation to empower

With this guidance in mind, it is now me encouraging readers of this newspaper to become more engaged in our community as citizen journalists. It can be as simple as writing a short story about your daughter’s soccer coach-turned-mentor.
Outback to the future

Retiring Shenandoah National Park superintendent Jim Northup comes full circle in his 36-year national park adventure.