Courthouse fire could have been a lot worse

“There were flames going up the wall,” said court clerk Patricia Davis, who pointed out it was a good thing last week’s electrical fire broke out on a weekday afternoon when employees were at work, or else “who knows” what the result could have been. […]


Hardly the ‘Town of Washington’ anymore

The newly revised Town of Washington Comprehensive Plan, which was approved by the Town Council on Monday evening, points out that when established as a “town” by the General Assembly in 1796, Washington had the “necessary population of 200 persons.” […]


Law and order in the new town of Washington

Consider ordinance No. 5, which sets forth that the mayor shall also be “the head of the police.” And when the going got tough, as prescribed in ordinance No. 6, the mayor could under “peculiar circumstances” appoint “special policeman to the extent the public necessity shall require.” […]


Rare traffic holdups

Route 522 paving in Rappahannock will be complete next week (weather permitting), and pavement markings painted soon thereafter. Route 522 cost: about $917,000. […]