Four months for credit card fraud

In criminal court proceedings Oct. 2 in Rappahannock County Circuit Court, Rudy Gomez-Santoyo was sentenced to four months in jail on two felony counts — of credit card fraud and using a credit card without the card owner’s permission.

Rappahannock County Public Schools’ SAT scores are up across the board, according to a presentation by superintendent Dr. Donna Matthews’ to the school board Tuesday night (Oct. 14).

This week’s paper is my 114th — and final — edition working for the Rappahannock News. Don’t worry about me; I’m off to that other Washington with a freelancing gig.
At RCHS, connection is spelled P-R-I-D-E 

Rappahannock County High School has deployed a new program this fall that is not designed to raise math and reading test scores, at least not directly. It is meant to ensure every student feels connected — both to a teacher…
Grant will help Rapp schools upgrade security

Rappahannock was one of 373 Virginia schools that received a security grant from Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s office last Thursday (Sept. 25). McAuliffe awarded $6 million total, of which Rappahannock County Public Schools received $13,488.
News briefs for Oct. 2

The RSW Regional Jail Authority appoints a new superintendent; the planners and BZA approve a family apartment; the town ARB accepts Rare Finds’ and Ray Gooch’s projects; and three rabies cases were reported in Rappahannock last year.
‘Salt & Pepper’ makes for a tasty meal

Anyone who believes they have to travel to that other Washington for quality drama clearly hasn’t been to one of the Rappahannock Association for the Arts and the Community’s (RAAC) off-off-Broadway performances — the latest of which was Robert Benjamin’s…
Photos: The river rules

Sixth-graders from Rappahannock County Elementary School spent a few hours outside the classroom last Thursday (Sept. 18).
Rapp schools fully accredited

New state accreditation standards were released Tuesday (Sept. 16) by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), and report that RCES, “accredited with warning” last year, is fully accredited this year.
RCHS’s project-based environment

“Project-based learning” may be a new buzzword in the education community, but Rappahannock County High School’s environmental science is ahead of the curve, and has been using PBL techniques for years.
Bee health remains fragile

Honey bees are dying at an alarming rate throughout Virginia, according to a Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) survey that found between last October and this April nearly 33 percent of managed honey bee colonies perished.
Welch apt. gets final zoning nod

The Rappahannock County Board of Zoning Appeals approved the lone request before it Wednesday night (Aug. 27) — a family apartment request from Castleton resident Bryant Welch.