Returning artists gear up for tour

Beautiful Rappahannock County has drawn a great number of highly talented and widely recognized artists to its vibrant and diverse community for decades. The extraordinary result is reflected in this year’s 12th annual Studio and Gallery Tour.
Memo to letter-writers

We will thank all our letter-writers for respecting our policy not to print election-related letters in the edition just prior to the Nov. 8 election — in other words, the Nov. 3 edition — as printed responses would be impossible…
Why the GOP deserves to lose the 5th

In 2010, a wave of right-wing conservatives were elected to the House as part of the Tea Party movement, forming the so-called "Freedom Caucus," and commenced to fulfill their own prophecy about how dysfunctional the federal government is.
Culpeper’s ‘red light district’

A monster steel-lattice cell tower is looming in our future. In Boston, 255 feet tall and just off U.S. 522 on Culpeper's far western border. It is meant to improve the poor cell phone coverage in that area.
Elections: Not ‘fixed’ but well-maintained

I spent 14 years on the local elections board and never, ever saw any fraud. At every turn election materials are safeguarded. Your board and your registrar do not guess or invent solutions, they persist in finding the correct legal…
School and sports news for Oct. 20

Like the spreading fall foliage and cool autumn temperatures that bring new delights every day, so too the Rappahannock County sports teams continue to deliver good news as their fall regular seasons wind down and playoff time approaches.
The case for . . .

Point and counterpoint: Walter Nicklin and Ron Maxwell explain once and for all why you should vote for (respectively) Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
The Rapp for Oct. 20

View and discuss an "Old Friends" documentary with friends old and new; brush up on your plein air appreciation at R.H. Ballard; "Hollywood on the Potomac" author speaks.
Meetings and notices for Oct. 20

The Washington Planning Commission meets 7 p.m. Tuesday (Oct. 24) at town hall to continue the town’s comprehensive plan review. Rappahannock County Board of Zoning Appeals meets 7 p.m. Wednesday (Oct. 25) at the courthouse. Agenda available online at