Letters to the Editor

Thank you, supervisors

The best part about the project is that, through the VDOT Transportation Alternatives Program, funding is available to cover up to 80 percent of the construction costs, and local foundations and individuals are stepping up to cover the rest. […]

Letters to the Editor

The Land of What Ifs?

With so many of today’s youth hunkered down inside with their tech devices, the new opportunity we here in Rappahannock County have with the RappTrails proposal is, in my opinion, a welcome addition and outdoor opportunity for many. […]

The Rapp

The Rapp for Oct. 5

RAAC’s Friday movie heads down to Texas and Tula’s offers a Lone Star pre-dinner menu; Second Friday features Tom Oliphant discussing “The Road to Camelot: Inside JFK’s Five-Year Campaign;” and PEC releases Robert Duvall message video. […]


Bugs invade Washington

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Rappahannock, unless you were among the packed crowd at the Little Washington Theatre witnessing nature brought indoors for Doug Tallamy’s lecture, “Making Insects: A guide to restoring the little things that run the world.” […]

Letters to the Editor

Trail hazards?

Bill Freitag raises important questions. Who will be liable when bad things happen on the trail? Who is legally responsible? What is the taxpayers’ exposure and how much of the county really supports this long term undertaking with numerous unknowns? […]

Letters to the Editor

Rappahannock not welcoming

I love Rappahannock Co. — and it’s the birthplace of both my parents, but you are not very friendly to those of us who don’t live there. It’s very difficult to find a good, reasonable priced restaurant for [a] meal or some place to grab a burger. […]

Letters to the Editor

When best intentions go awry

A bicycle trail is imposed upon the land. It requires more of the land to be buried under tons of concrete. Furthermore, the proposed right of ways in effect create a widening of Route 211, visually and aesthetically imposing the same result as if lanes had been added. […]

Letters to the Editor

Phantom driver of Whorton Hollow

I’d like to thank the reckless driver in the white pickup who going way over the speed limit coming over a hill in the middle of a narrow gravel section of Whorton Hollow Road, did NOT hit me head on. You did force me to swerve into a ditch that is about a foot deep, 25 feet long and filled with sharp rocks. […]