No limits purr customer

What has a fascinating allure, eyes filled with wonder and a svelte figure, moves like a panther, purrs like a Harley and grows more beautiful and affectionate with age and just happens to lives in the county?
A jarring experience ends well

Canning lessons prove, unexpectedly, to be the best gift. Rose Jacob came away with jars and jars of peaches and apples, and a special friendship. And she's been "putting up" with her husband ever since.
Take the shot, or not

Transitioning to country living wasn’t as easy as unpacking the U-Haul, stocking the antique General Electric five-foot-tall refrigerator, and loading the pantry with “end of days” supplies.
This is not the time for overreacting

Several months ago I was caught speeding going east on U.S. 211 near my exit to Flint Hill. Yup. I was doing 69 mph. Guilty. I was pulled over by a state trooper. The first thing you need if you…