Thank you! This is the message from the residents on Main Street, Water Street and U.S. 522 (and from those who live off the main roads but who walk along our streets) to the Sheriff and her great team of…
Sperryville column for March 17

Sperryville's St. Patrick's extravaganza; another fun way to support Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department; spring clean-up and summer pottery camp.
Sperryville column for Jan. 27

Why is Dexter Lake Club Antiques shut (temporarily)? What's new at Copper Fox? Whose it that familiar face at Thornton River Grill? Also the deer is back at F.T. Valley Store and James D. Russell is memorialized in style.
Sperryville column for Jan. 13

James D. Russell, who died Jan. 5, was a pillar of the community who was loved by all who knew him. We extend our condolences to his family. From J.D. Hartman comes a heartwarming story about Mr. Russell. In 1992,…
Letter: Careless driver kills ‘Felix’

Felix was the darling of Main Street, a miniature dachshund who lived there with his “mom,” Ann Bellomy. Ann and Felix were walking on the sidewalk near their home on Main Street last Friday when a speeding van hit Felix…
Sperryville column for Nov. 4

Halloween treats; fall feasts, including a Mandalele potluck at Belle Meade, apple cake at High on the Hog and your favorite fall fruits and veggies at Roy's Orchard.
Sperryville Column for Oct. 7

Grant awarded to SVRS Rappahannock Electric Coop has awarded a $1,000 grant to the Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad to be used to upgrade ceiling insulation and tiles and make other building improvements. Thanks go to Donald Gore for his initiative…
Sperryville column for Sept. 23

Smoke alarms and your local fire department, the Farm Tour's Sperryville connections on Saturday and Sunday, and a new name -- Haley Fine Arts -- for the former Long View Gallery.
Sperryville column by Gail Swift

Looking into Labor Day, gratitude for VDOT's lowering speed limits on the way into Sperryville, fiber fun for a good cause, and how to volunteer for Farm Tour duty.
Sperryville: How you can help SVRS to help you

Your rescue squad needs your help. Ambulance drivers and Emergency Medical Technicians who are already certified or who would like to take free training are especially needed. So much goes into sustaining a volunteer team and advanced life support ambulances…

Sperryville yet again is getting a fresh look. Just walk or drive in the village along Main Street and U.S. 522 to see the renovations galore that are happening. Roofs are being repaired on several homes, new paint is being…
Forage and beef farm tour draws a big crowd

More than 80 local farmers attended a series of workshops and lectures at various sites on Woodville’s sprawling Eldon Farms last Thursday (July 29), a successful day by any measure.
Sperryville: Rock, paper, scissors and more at art camps

These were only some of the ingredients in a fun-filled week of clay and fiber camps on Main Street. Four separate groups at Sperryville Pottery were shaping clay, throwing pots on a wheel and glazing their cups, butter dishes, dinosaurs…