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Amissville column for Sept. 22

With the Rappahannock County Farm Tour just two days away, interesting Amissville area tour venues have made the decision of where to go even more difficult.
Come to the Farm Tour!

Everyone is invited to visit a variety of producers on this weekend's eighth annual Rappahannock Farm Tour. Caledonia Farm will feature 20 environmentally responsible agricultural practices plus host tables and presentations.
More smoke, less signal

PART 2 OF 3: In lieu of cell and broadband connectivity, Rappahannock's students, visitors, responders and workers plug into some creative solutions.
Grazing along

In an effort to increase his farm’s profitability and reduce environmental impacts such as runoff and soil erosion, Flint Hill farmer Mike Sands began working with The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) in 2013.
Guard dogs run owner into court

The owner of three Anatolian shepherd guard dogs at a Flint Hill sheep and cattle farm is scheduled be in Rappahannock County General District Court June 14 to address civil charges that the dogs are dangerous.
To the friends and neighbors of Eldon Farms

As you drive through our beautiful Rappahannock County, you may have noticed that we have been improving parts of Eldon Farms over the past several months. Why? Cattle prices have been up in recent years and we’ve decided it’s a…
Sunnyside goes solar

Once the Sustainable Technology Institute crew out of Richmond finishes the 10-day installation, the sun’s power will generate around 49,000 watts of electricity, enough to cover the farm’s entire energy use.