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Coonce tourist home recommended to BZA

With two of the seven members of the Rappahannock County Planning Commission absent, the the commission narrowly voted 3-2 in favor of recommending approval of a Chester Gap tourist home.
Zoning board postpones Airbnb permit

About 45 minutes into the meeting, during a public-comment session, Keir Whitson of Hampton district seemed to sum up eloquently and forcefully the worries of many as he addressed the BZA about “what I think is a huge potential threat…
Rappahannock County 101

In light of recent confusion, the county considers creating a "Rappahannock 101" course for citizens. And here, for the same reasons, is a brief brief primer on how local government works, or is meant to work, in the areas of…
Recovering from a catastrophe

The Cooter Catastrophe has been a driver of message traffic on Rappnet for the last several days. Accusations and vitriolic responses have scorched the internet with enough misinformation to make my head spin.
Embrace change? No. Adapt to it? Possibly.  

PART 3 OF 3: In such communities as Rappahannock, where broadband infrastructure is complicated by hilly, wooded terrain, the onus is now largely on local governments to make it happen, but there remains a wariness here about anything that could…
County revokes permit; B&B appeals  

The owner of Harmony Manor, a substantial hillside home on Clark Lane converted to a B&B by new owners three years ago, is appealing a recent decision by County Administrator Debbie Keyser to revoke the inn’s permit.