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Down Memory Lane for Feb. 23

Aug. 6, 1997 — The Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors had a hot issue on their hands at Monday’s meeting — they had to decide on whether to require fingerprinting for concealed-weapon.
Down Memory Lane for Feb. 16

July 30, 1997 — Marilyn Hoffman, of Woodville, joked that she doesn’t get off the farm that much, but buying a dress that belonged to Princess Diana at Christie’s did get her to Manhattan.
Down Memory Lane for Feb. 9

April 23, 1997 — When Grady Vest, of Flint Hill, woke up last Thursday morning he didn't know it was his lucky day, he won the lottery to the tune of $13.5 million.
Down Memory Lane for Feb. 2

March 19, 1997: Parking in the town of Washington was the major issue at last week’s Town Council meeting. “No Parking” signs have been installed on Main Street between Middle and Calvert Streets in town.
Down Memory Lane for Jan. 26

Feb. 12, 1997: The Williams heirs charge that the Supervisors’ denial of their request for a rezoning and an exception to the subdivision ordinance was “arbitrary, capricious, discriminatory and unconstitutional.”
Down Memory Lane for Jan. 19

Feb. 5, 1997: After 26 years as the Farm Bureau agent for Rappahannock County, Rodney Vest retired at the end of 1996, but he was able to turn his business over to his daughter Pat Vest Whorton.
Down Memory Lane for Jan. 12

April 5, 1990: The county’s Board of Supervisors moved a step closer to making cable television available to 1,140 of the approximately 2,700 homes.
Down Memory Lane for Jan. 1

Sept. 19, 1963: Horseshoe Farm, one of the largest and most historic in Rappahannock County, has been sold by Douglas G. Janney of Fredericksburg to William M. Carrigan, prominent industrial planner of Washington D. C.
Down Memory Lane for Dec. 22

Sept. 12, 1963: The sign on Harris Hollow Road at the edge of town was altered by a prankster from 35 to 85 mph. Feb. 15, 1990: “It’s part of us,” John McCoy said of the family’s interest in guns.
Down Memory Lane for Dec. 15

Feb. 7, 1963: After over 22 years service Guy Burke resigned Jan. 31, 1963 as custodian of Rappahannock County Jail. Mr. Burke became jailer May 1, 1940. — Feb. 1, 1990: Castleton Store digs up underground petroleum storage tanks.
Down Memory Lane for Dec. 8

Jan. 24, 1963: Sperryville has no public library, but it does have a modern barber shop. Dec. 27, 1984: Mr. and Mrs. James P. Jamieson are the kind of people who just never stop working.
Down Memory Lane for Dec. 1

Dec. 20, 1984: This Christmas season as our nation celebrates the holiday in peace, the thoughts of many go back to a Christmas time of war 40 years ago.
Down Memory Lane for Nov. 24

Nov. 15, 1984: Professional bowhunter Tom Flemming bagged this 17-pound gobbler in Gid Brown Hollow using a 74-pound Golden Eagle bow manufactured by Coleman.
Down Memory Lane for Nov. 17

Nov. 22, 1984; Families across the United States traditionally spend Thanksgiving together surrounded by good food and the warmth of family love.
Down Memory Lane for Nov. 10

Nov. 15, 1984; The Cabbage Patch Kids craze again is sweeping the country just in time for the holidays, and Rappahannock County also is being brushed by the phenomenon.