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Down Memory Lane for April 13

June 30, 1983: In 1951, a small group of people led by Commonwealth’s attorney George Davis worked tirelessly through the spring and summer hoping that Rappahannock would grow into the summer home for the Virginia Orchestra.
Down Memory Lane for April 6

When the state of Virginia moved the mountain people from their homes to clear the way for Shenandoah National Park, “it hurt some of them pretty bad … It hurt their souls, their heart,” Elmer Atkins believes.
Down Memory Lane for March 30

Dec. 24, 1997: Fire Chief Richie Burke and retired chief Charles K. “Pete” Estes thumbed through mounds of records, journals, and ancient photographs searching for the beginnings of the Sperryville Volunteer Fire Company.
Down Memory Lane for March 23

April 14, 1983: Claybert Smoot was back before the supervisors at their April board meeting with his complaints about excessive noise and trespassing arising from events held at the Washington Community Center and lack of response from local police.
Down Memory Lane for March 16

Feb. 24, 1983 — Medicine in the Mountains: Even something as tragic as a flu epidemic has its humorous side. Pauline Bruce’s memories still bring a smile to her face. Her entire family was down with the sickness.
Down Memory Lane for March 9

Nov. 19, 1997: Jennifer Greene recently opened the Odyssey Collection along “Artists’ Row” in Washington and she is struggling to maintain its pristine image as a gallery rather than a shop.
Down Memory Lane for March 2

Oct. 15, 1997: An old stage wagon that John Wayland used some 60 years ago to haul kids to classes was the beginning of the Rappahannock school bus fleet, according to Mutt Atkins.
Down Memory Lane for Feb. 23

Aug. 6, 1997 — The Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors had a hot issue on their hands at Monday’s meeting — they had to decide on whether to require fingerprinting for concealed-weapon.
Down Memory Lane for Feb. 16

July 30, 1997 — Marilyn Hoffman, of Woodville, joked that she doesn’t get off the farm that much, but buying a dress that belonged to Princess Diana at Christie’s did get her to Manhattan.
Down Memory Lane for Feb. 9

April 23, 1997 — When Grady Vest, of Flint Hill, woke up last Thursday morning he didn't know it was his lucky day, he won the lottery to the tune of $13.5 million.
Down Memory Lane for Feb. 2

March 19, 1997: Parking in the town of Washington was the major issue at last week’s Town Council meeting. “No Parking” signs have been installed on Main Street between Middle and Calvert Streets in town.
Down Memory Lane for Jan. 26

Feb. 12, 1997: The Williams heirs charge that the Supervisors’ denial of their request for a rezoning and an exception to the subdivision ordinance was “arbitrary, capricious, discriminatory and unconstitutional.”
Down Memory Lane for Jan. 19

Feb. 5, 1997: After 26 years as the Farm Bureau agent for Rappahannock County, Rodney Vest retired at the end of 1996, but he was able to turn his business over to his daughter Pat Vest Whorton.
Down Memory Lane for Jan. 12

April 5, 1990: The county’s Board of Supervisors moved a step closer to making cable television available to 1,140 of the approximately 2,700 homes.