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Down Memory Lane for Dec. 1

Dec. 20, 1984: This Christmas season as our nation celebrates the holiday in peace, the thoughts of many go back to a Christmas time of war 40 years ago.
Down Memory Lane for Nov. 24

Nov. 15, 1984: Professional bowhunter Tom Flemming bagged this 17-pound gobbler in Gid Brown Hollow using a 74-pound Golden Eagle bow manufactured by Coleman.
Down Memory Lane for Nov. 17

Nov. 22, 1984; Families across the United States traditionally spend Thanksgiving together surrounded by good food and the warmth of family love.
Down Memory Lane for Nov. 10

Nov. 15, 1984; The Cabbage Patch Kids craze again is sweeping the country just in time for the holidays, and Rappahannock County also is being brushed by the phenomenon.
Down Memory Lane for Nov. 3

Oct. 25, 1984: The Board of Directors of the Amissville VFD and EMS announced this week that it will have to reduce the level of services it provides the Amissville community unless the sum of $5,000 can be raised.
Down Memory Lane for Oct. 27

Oct. 25, When Evelyn Willis returned to her family home of Mt. Prospect at the edge of Washington after many years away, she liked the changes she found.
Down Memory Lane for Oct. 20

About one hundred friends and relatives gathered last Friday evening for a surprise birthday/retirement party for Clarence Baldwin, owner of Baldwin’s Grocery and member of the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors from Hampton District.
Down Memory Lane for Oct. 6

Patricia Vest of Washington was sworn into her new office Sunday, Sept. 16 by Tommy Todd, the U. S. president of the Jaycees, who flew in from the Jaycees U. S. headquarters in Tulsa, Okla.
Down Memory Lane for Sept. 29

Hunt Harris, instructor for RRA-sponsored tennis clinics, talks with pride about his first student. Charlotte Turnmeyer of Flint Hill has been getting better at softball and Richie Burke is planning to give the old store a new lease on life.
Down Memory Lane for Sept. 15

Aug. 9, 1984: For about four months, Ronald Frazier of Amissville has spent every hour he can muster in the county clerk’s office poring over Rappahannock’s proposed zoning ordinance.
Down Memory Lane for Sept. 8

May 10, 1984 All of Amissville, most of Castleton and Viewtown and delegates from the rest of Rappahannock County came Saturday to wish Dorothy and Graham Hackley a happy 50th anniversary. Hundreds of bobbing red, yellow and blue balloons welcomed passersby…
Down Memory Lane for Aug. 25

General Pope selected Rappahannock County as the place to organize and drill this new army before heading into the campaign of Second Manassas.
Down Memory Lane for Aug. 18

March 8, 1984 Most subscribers to the Rappahannock News don’t get 17 copies each week, but most subscribers don’t use their papers in as many different ways as Bobbie Brochu does at the elementary school reading lab. The county weekly…