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Your right to know, imperiled

A potential tragedy in our public high school reveals an ongoing tragedy of public information suppression. For the good of our county, it’s time for more transparency.
My best friend Luna

Last month, with the intention of introducing myself as the new editor of this newspaper, I paid my first visit to the RAWL shelter in Amissville. That's how I met Luna.
An invitation to empower

With this guidance in mind, it is now me encouraging readers of this newspaper to become more engaged in our community as citizen journalists. It can be as simple as writing a short story about your daughter’s soccer coach-turned-mentor.
Memo to letter-writers

We will thank all our letter-writers for respecting our policy not to print election-related letters in the edition just prior to the Nov. 8 election — in other words, the Nov. 3 edition — as printed responses would be impossible…
The case for . . .

Point and counterpoint: Walter Nicklin and Ron Maxwell explain once and for all why you should vote for (respectively) Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.
Editorial: Bad news, good works

Reports of disagreement and dispiriting behavior by humans around the world — including right here in Rappahannock — are ever harder to avoid. Which is one reason why those doing good works ought to be recognized — emulated, even.
Editorial: Hello?

As part of a renewed mission to provide solutions-oriented reporting and writing, the Rappahannock News is working to make it easier for readers and community members to keep in touch with us online. If you're interested in participating, we would…
Editorial: At one with the earth, at last

Conservation easements and wildlife habitat, subjects of recent Rappahannock News stories, are not the only ways to preserve the county’s open spaces. Here’s another: conservation burial!
Editorial: What’s in a name?

So who named Rappahannock’s county seat “Little Washington?” It must have been recent immigrants from in and around that much bigger Washington, using the Nation’s Capital as a point of reference, right?
Editorial: Where there’s smoke …

Where there’s smoke, there’s not only fire but also concern: Visible smoke from your chimney means your fire isn’t burning as efficiently or cleanly as it could, and air quality — and thus your health — are at stake.