July Fourth celebration

Sperryville Volunteer Fire Company organizers say between 4,000 and 4,500 folks showed up Sunday afternoon and evening for its fourth annual benefit Rappahannock Fourth of July Celebration. Congratulations to all who planned, executed and volunteered […]

Washington Column

Washington: New guests arrive at the Inn

Rachel Hayden, public relations director for the Inn at Little Washington, reports that the Inn has 17 new guests who will be staying on permanently.

They are 17 Clun Forest Sheep (all female) that came from Alan Zuschlag’s Touchstone Farm in Amissville. […]


Sperryville: Shopping local boosts community retailers

We are so lucky to live in Sperryville. Just consider some of the local shopping venues. While out and about on the west end of U.S. 211, get a cup of coffee while you pick out your beans at Central Coffee Roasters, and then stop at Beech Springs for its popular local preserves. Continue to the Rainbow Market, our own natural and organics market at Hearthstone School, for a tube of natural toothpaste or shampoo, or stock up on organic foods. Do stop and peruse the market’s growing selection of products, and if there is something you want that they don’t have, remember to ask if it can be ordered. […]



My name is BB. That’s all, just the two letters. You could say one stands for beagle and the other is for blue, cause I am kinda blue like a cattle dog. You must admit […]


Worth looking up

Over the last century aerial showmen and women have entertained millions at air shows across the world with stunts and a wide array of lofty contests.

During the post-World War I years the air show became a national entertainment phenomenon and it remains popular to this day.
The magnificent men and women and their flying machines of the Flying Circus Aerodrome and Air Show, located in Bealeton, entertain and educate each Sunday from May through October. […]


RAWL Dogs: Gus

When you come over to the shelter, don’t be surprised if you hear laughter. We are still giggling over what happened during the Shakespeare show the other night; you know, at the summer theater we have here. During Act V of Macbeth, when Lady M. hollers, “Out damned spot! Out, I say!,” we looked around and there was Spot, the cute mutt from Chester Gap, slinking out the back. We have been laughing since — especially the Beagles. They love that stuff. […]


RappCats: Monty

Monty is a live wire. He is about 12 weeks old and was rescued from one of the oldest estates in the county. He is entirely full of life and is happy to play by himself and with other cats. If you are looking to introduce one terrific personality into your household, then Monty is the one. He gives new meaning to the term “playful kitten.”


Blue Ridge Chorale in search of singers

The Blue Ridge Chorale, Culpeper, is recruiting singers from Rappahannock County for the Blue Ridge Chorale’s fall season.
Singers will rehearse on Monday evenings at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Culpeper. Interested singers can call 540-948-4573 for more information. […]


The Rapp

A Rappahannock Fourth in Sperryville (and a patriotic reading in Washington), plus news of two wineries’ achievements with Google and the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. […]


Sperryville: Another stellar fire department parade

A very, very special “thank you” goes out to all who participated in the Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department parade Friday evening (June 18). This was a joyous evening that gave us the opportunity to thank those who, day in and day out, risk their lives to save ours. […]

Washington Column

Washington: Jail trustees keep garden growing

Rappahannock County Sheriff Connie Smith decided in April to start a garden on the Carrigan property behind the courthouse that is now owned by the county.

“The work is being done by the trustees of the jail,” said Smith. “The whole effort will save money on the food cost for the inmates, but it will also teach some skills to the inmates. The inmates have been incredibly excited to be working in the garden and watching it grow.” […]

Clark Hollow Ramblings

REC communiques give readers a jolt

I suppose by now you have seen the fliers and advertisements welcoming you as a new “owner” of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative. Congratulations, all around. Pretty nice ads, don’t you think? Here is some free advice: When someone welcomes you as a new owner of something you didn’t shop for, didn’t want, didn’t buy and had no hand in deciding that you were going to be a new owner, you might want to be a wee bit skeptical.

Have you received and read your new Residential Membership Service Contract with REC? I just did, and I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. […]


Book Review: The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood

After reading the latest novel by Man Booker Prize winner and prolific author Margaret Atwood I know that the natural food movement has arrived! “The Year of the Flood” offers the reader a dystopian society in the future when all our worst tendencies, from genetically engineered plants and animals to overconsumption and overmedication, reach their logical conclusions.


RAWL Dogs: Hank

Hello, I’m Hank, and you’ve seen me before, right here in these pages. I’m in for a second go-round because I’m a beagle who qualifies for senior discounts. More than that, I am planning to get my babyhood back. You see, I need a child, a youngster of your sort to play with. That’s me in the photo with Lucas DuMez, one of my young friends. As long as there’s a kid around, I am a kid, too. Yes, I need a kid. Bring one with you and we’ll go home together! […]


The Rapp

A senior prank, a junior who’s headed to Boston for a summer theatre program, John Jackson’s Rappahannock blues and a RappFLOW cleanup along the Thornton River at the Link. […]


Filmmaker from Woodville makes splash in Big Apple

Funny thing: The documentary feature chosen at this spring’s Tribeca Film Festival as “Best New York Documentary,” a critic’s pick at both the Village Voice and New York magazine, was pretty much made in Woodville.

And (though the Tribeca folks didn’t know about that) had its “world premiere” in Amissville. […]