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Bygone era, or is it?

Peggy Ralph, circuit court clerk for Rappahannock County, says this old civil defense sign was rediscovered in a basement of Courthouse Row. She’s hoping to have the sign displayed publicly, perhaps at the visitor’s center.
Rappahannock County’s ‘stunning’ past

More than 3,500 slaves worked farms here prior to Civil War: One year before the start of the American Civil War, Rappahannock County’s white population barely outnumbered its tremendous number of slaves.
Sperryville column for March 9

In this week's Sperryville column, Rappahannock's Blue Ridge Heritage Project sets April 29 for its dedication ceremony, and RappU has a spring courses coming up.
Sperryville column for Feb. 2

On Saturday, February 11, we will see the first stones selected for the “Chimney Memorial” to commemorate the hundreds of mountain people who were unwillingly moved to make way for the Shenandoah National Park.
About Mrs. Moore, optimist

When she caused a private bank in Perrysville, Ohio, to fail in 1911, the Cleveland Ohio Press, did not call her the “only female railroad promoter in the United States,” they simply called her, “Mrs. Moore, an optimist.”
Fractured: 1968, a year like no other

The way one views 1968 says less about the year itself than about the viewer’s personality and politics. A Rorschach test for what you value. A prism through which all other years are viewed.
Outback to the future

Retiring Shenandoah National Park superintendent Jim Northup comes full circle in his 36-year national park adventure.
Heritage site marked with red tape

On the full agenda at the RCBS’ monthly meeting next Monday (Dec. 5): The county’s official blessing, thus far oddly elusive, of a privately funded Blue Ridge Heritage Project memorial.
Washington column for Oct. 13

Country Cafe celebrates 27th year; "Wednesday Blue-Plate Special" at Tula's; tombstone replacement for Baldwin family and sympathies to the Kuhn family.