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Santa makes his round

Mr. and Mrs. Santa brush up on their putting skills at Schoolhouse Nine before greeting visitors at Schoolhouse Antiques last Sunday.
Mask hysteria

Halloween around Rappahannock on Monday afternoon and evening was not just for trick-or-treating kids.
A big toothy smile for Dr. Tom

The Child Care and Learning Center thanks Dr. Tom Johnson for presenting his annual dental health and cavity prevention program to our preschoolers. He's wonderful with them with taking about dental care.
The Rapp for Oct. 27

It's a Fourth (Estate) Friday, a Friday that ends with a Fairy Tale Walk, plus a Starry Skies Fest and Pen Druid's "End of Oktoberfest" on Saturday, and Middle Street's "New Beginning."
The Rapp for Aug. 25

Fourth (Estate) Friday, 1000 Faces at Stone Hill, the Park turns 100 and waives entrance fees this weekend and Gay Street Gallery joins in on the celebration.
Big thanks from the Lemonade Stand Kids 

We would like to say thank you to all our customers who stopped by our lemonade stand this past weekend and bought our homemade and handmade goods. We especially want to thank Pen Druid Brewing for letting us set up our…
Sperryville column for Aug. 11 

The second annual Rappahannock Lemonade Stand will be open two days only, 4 to 6 p.m. tomorrow (Friday, Aug. 12) and 2 to 5p.m. Saturday (Aug. 13) in their new location — at Sperryville’s Pen Druid Brewing.
Scouts sail

Members of Boy Scout Troop 316, based in Sperryville, recently traveled to Crisfield, Maryland for a day of sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.
Meetings and notices for July 14

Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad and Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department are sponsoring a meeting on Sunday, July 31, to discuss their community services and the urgent need for new volunteers to support these and other similar organizations in the county. All…
’Shroom time

Eight-year-old Washington resident Fielding Christopher, son of Jeremy and Amy, went mushroom hunting in the forest behind his house last month and discovered a whole beautiful platterful.
Stand by for camp

Outside the Country Cafe in Washington, this ready-to-go group of kids awaits the bus earlier this month to 4-H day camp at the 4-H center in Front Royal.