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Fungus among us

Tremella fuciformes, or “snow fungus,” decorates a fallen tree in the forest near Washington last week.
Dark skies

Storm clouds move in over Massies Corner on Monday afternoon, bringing torrential rain and high winds that took out more than a few trees, hundreds of households’ electric power and the county’s emergency paging system.
Rising above it

Preparing for the Sept. 11 encore production of John Henry's "Arguing with God" is Travis Brown, of Washington, D.C., shown here on a hydraulic crane known as a cherry-picker.
Take the shot, or not

Transitioning to country living wasn’t as easy as unpacking the U-Haul, stocking the antique General Electric five-foot-tall refrigerator, and loading the pantry with “end of days” supplies.
Caterpillar snack

Feeding on a poke milkweed near Washington last week, a monarch butterfly caterpillar is likely in the last generation of its species to be born here in Rappahannock this year.
The view from the pooch

On the deck at his Flint Hill home, Bobby the dog takes a moment to appreciate the setting sun bursting out between summer storm clouds and the Blue Ridge.
Wild Ideas: War of the red and gray   

Here in the United States, we feel beleaguered by invasive species that have been introduced from elsewhere, but our eastern gray squirrel has shown that this is not a one-way street, in this week’s Wild Ideas column.
Wild Ideas: Giants emerge in Slate Mills

After overwintering three giant swallowtail caterpillars that had pupated, Slate Mills resident Robin Williams sees two emerge from their chrysalises as healthy adults this spring, in this week’s Wild Ideas column.