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Rough landing

A two-vehicle accident involving a motorcycle occurred around 2:30 Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Highways 211 and 522 in Sperryville. The rider on the Harley-Davidson was medevaced by helicopter, which touched down at the Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department.
Rappahannock planner dares to confront the future

In a wide-ranging Q&A with the Rappahannock News, Henry shared his thoughts on current and future land use and zoning realating to an updated comprehensive plan, increasing revenue, agriculture renewal, tourism and more.
A real crowd turns out for fake news

Just as (real) news was breaking in Big Washington last Friday evening that ultimately led to the National Security Adviser's resignation days later, Cockburn spoke before a packed house at the Little Washington Theatre.
Hooking up with your doctor remotely

The PATH Foundation, which serves this, Fauquier and Culpeper counties, has invested $370,000 in cutting-edge “telehealth” medical services — including remote mental health treatment and innovative tele-psychiatry.
Meet Will King

Will King dropped by the Rappahannock News this past week to explain why he wants to be the next delegate representing Virginia’s House District 18.
Another sewer leak west of Sperryville

Troy Jenkins, Sr, an employee of the Rappahannock County Water & Sewer Authority, found another break in the sewer line west of Sperryville on Jan. 24. He repaired the break that same day.
‘Not a stranger in the crowd’

It was a transformational experience in so many ways, but one overriding take away was the feeling of being body to body with a throng of a half-million people in a public demonstration and feel totally safe.