The Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office said it was inundated with phone calls early yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon around 1:45 p.m., with concerned citizens reporting a “huge” explosion. […]

Public Safety

Is your well water safe to drink?

Well owners are often unaware of the possible causes of contamination to their water. Older wells may not be sealed properly near the surface or their source of water may be shallow and influenced by potential pollutant sources like feedlots, septic systems, and other land uses. […]

Public Safety

‘Hate has no home in Rappahannock’

Proclaiming “hate has no home in Rappahannock,” some 75 residents from all walks of life — black and white, Christian and Jew — came together this week in the county seat of Washington to denounce the Ku Klux Klan, which days earlier dropped dozens of hate-filled fliers on doorsteps from Sperryville to Flint Hill. […]

Public Safety

Civil War reenactment turns potentially deadly

Blank ammo and cannon rounds producing harmless blasts and smoke apparently weren’t serious enough ammunition for somebody who paid visit last weekend to a nearby Civil War reenactment. As a result, the FBI is now seeking the public’s assistance. […]

Public Safety

Ticks: They’re not just for summer anymore

An Old Hollow resident who suffers from alpha-gal — the red meat allergy caused by a lone star tick bite — was telling the story at Pen Druid Brewery that he looks forward to the first hard freeze every year, when he steps outside his home and dances a lively jig “listening for the ticks to pop.” […]

Crime & Courts

Student who allegedly threatened to ‘blow this place to pieces’ on Columbine anniversary appears in court

Under tight security and a blanket of privacy, a 17-year-old former student of Rappahannock County High School — charged with conspiracy to possess a firearm on the property of the high school — appeared in Rappahannock County Juvenile Court yesterday. […]


No questions asked

Sheriff Connie Compton shows off the new MedReturn Drug Collection Unit in the public lobby of the sheriff’s office. Encouraging residents to safely or discreetly dispose over-the-counter and prescription medications. […]


Richie Burke: Citizen of the Year

In public safety, if you’re doing your job right you’re probably going unnoticed. Perhaps that’s why it has taken this long to recognize lifelong county resident Richie Burke as the Rappahannock News Citizen of the Year. […]