Letters to the Editor

Counting the county’s self-employed

However, the US Census Bureau finds that 3,495 county adults are employed. Where are the missing 939 workers? In all likelihood, they are the ‘self employed and informally employed’ people who were not included in the UVA report, people such as farmers, small business owners, artists, cleaning ladies, lawn care workers, etc., a group that is significant in our county. […]

Letters to the Editor

Great day at the races

Thank you to all the connections, riders, grooms, owners, and horses that put the Virginia back into Rappahannock County. What a great day at the races it was! A great big grateful thank you to the Eastham family and the Old Dominion Hounds for a fine day on the gorgeous Ben Venue course. […]

Letters to the Editor

Garrett is dissembling

Garrett supports driving unneeded pipelines throughout Virginia with no regard for the objections of private landowners. Leslie Cockburn has informed us of the environmental and social cost to Virginians of the pipeline. […]

Letters to the Editor

Proud to support Cockburn

Her dedication to fight for truth is evidenced by her long career as a journalist, exposing the facts about both international and national issues and governmental figures. Her decision to make the leap to politics is one driven by her view that we need to bring more truth to government and fight hard for all Americans. […]

Letters to the Editor

Dollhouse for a song

In 1960, Louemma Moffett sold this small building to the county for $500. It served as the County Extension Office during the 1970s, and then as the County Administrator’s office. If the Rappahannock Historical Society can be of any help . . . in regard to historical items, please do not hesitate to ask. […]

Letters to the Editor


It was sad to see my office of 19 years closing its door but I’m happy to see it’s going to get a much-needed makeover. By the way, doesn’t it look more like a gingerbread house? Just sayin’. […]

Letters to the Editor

Rapp noise statute for Tannerite?

I was appalled and disturbed when I heard loud [Tannerite] explosions from the scenic beauty of our farm in Huntly. Please do not let this issue die. Rappahannock County needs to protect our environment and our serenity here. I can’t even believe that Warren County has much better and more reasonable statutes than Rappahannock. […]

Letters to the Editor

Social Security: Now or later?

For older ages at retirement, the lifetime benefits would be: age 63, $326,400; age 64, $339,072; age 65, $342,000; age 66, $336,000; age 70, $316,800. These lifetime benefit dollar amounts are not significantly different from each other, and thus it doesn’t really matter whether you begin Social Security at age 62 or at older ages. […]


Grimsley report: Intelligent, organized, lucid

It is the clearest, most informative report on the schools’ annual budget that we have seen in 37 years. We especially appreciate the intelligent, organized, lucid presentation of the state of our public schools. We have longed for an annual budget report that begins with a precise statement of the schools’ educational goals for our children. […]

Letters to the Editor

Mind-blowing forum

It was a pleasure attending the Fifth Congressional District Democratic Forum recently. The intelligence, wisdom and integrity of the three attending candidates were mind-blowing. Each understood our district’s issues and offered creative, viable solutions. […]