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Cause for celebration? 

The AHCA was passed recently by the House after a few hours of consideration of recent amendments. Rep. Garrett admitted that he did not even read the bill, but relied on his staff’s summary, before he voted to approve it.
Chesapeake jewel

Mr. Garrett repeatedly says that he is for the environment and for jobs. Good. He can throw his support behind the complete funding for the EPA and its role in the Chesapeake Bay Clean-up.
Historical roots

We are forwarding this to you in the hopes that you can pass it along to the Historical Society. We have been unable to contact them and are in the process of "lifting" our bulbs for the season.
‘Tell the truth . . . tell it often’

As a former public school superintendent, I used to get a lot of grief from my school board colleagues about my media philosophy. Short, simple, it was then and remains today: "Tell the truth, tell it first, tell it often."
‘Resounding approval’ of FOIA session

The session was conducted by Maria J.K. Everett, Executive Director and Senior Attorney of the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council. Her two hour presentation, including lively questions and answers, was thoroughly enjoyable.
Your right to know, imperiled

A potential tragedy in our public high school reveals an ongoing tragedy of public information suppression. For the good of our county, it’s time for more transparency.
Naked politics at its barest

Every morning the same question: What’s on your mind? What is on my mind and has been for some time, is the fate of the American Republic and perhaps Democracy itself. Warning: this is a political rant.
Where’s the beef from?

As a supporter of American agriculture, I have recently joined a national effort led by the United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) to reestablish a country-of-origin labeling (COOL) program for U.S. beef products.
It takes a village — and amazing gardens

The Garden Club of Warren County for the first time spotlighted the town of Washington on Saturday, April 29, as part of Historic Garden Week. We would like to express our appreciation to those who made garden week here possible.
Community like no other

I write to a community that is like no other. Rappahannock is a place where the arts are nurtured. This community supports the non-profit work of so many in this Northern Piedmont region.
‘Return to peace’

Thank you, Ms. Critzer [‘Giddy up” letter, May 4]. You voiced with humor what many residents of Rappahannock feel about the problems created (as well as county money wasted) by a few angry simple-minded people in this county.
‘Rappahannock Sampler’

During the recent Virginia garden tour here in Rappahannock, the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) of Trinity Church used the opportunity when hundreds were visiting the county to raise funds for our charities by raffling off a "Rappahannock Sampler."
‘Hero’ deserves praise

It took a lot of guts and you should be very proud that you saved a lot of students’ and staffs’ lives. You are a hero and should be given a thank you from everyone in this county.
Recognizing the positive

During the past week we attended three Rappahannock High School events: a scholarship ceremony with awards totaling $125,000; a Quiz Bowl Team taping for It’s Academic in D.C.; and the Drama Club's final performance of The School of Rock.
Safety net: better late than never

So was a trauma response team available when children and teachers returned to school? Were they given safe settings to talk out their worries/terrors/concerns? If that important safety net hasn’t been set up yet, better late than never.