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Safety net: better late than never

So was a trauma response team available when children and teachers returned to school? Were they given safe settings to talk out their worries/terrors/concerns? If that important safety net hasn’t been set up yet, better late than never.
Giddy up

Ben Jones [Comment article ‘Insanity’, April 20] came into town criticizing everything and everybody. If anyone’s intelligence is in question it is his. His tacky business doesn’t belong in this town. He needs to get over it.
Worthy non-profits abound in Rappahannock

This year marks the third year of Northern Piedmont Community Foundation's successful one-day online giving event known as Give Local Piedmont (GLP). Nonprofits across the four-county region participate in tapping the community for vital support.
Rappahannock student deserves praise

Teens often cover for each other, not telling their parents or teachers what's going on. Last week, one or more of our local kids "ratted" that their high school buddies were about to blow up the high school.
Parents need information

This is the most information we as a community have received. It puts to rest a lot of the rumors. Greatly puts my mind at ease combing this article with the one from a couple days ago.
Desperate for answers

Tomorrow begins another week of not having answers to the questions that most parents have. Is it safe enough to send our children to school?? Why can’t we get the answers that we desperately need?
Scoring a ‘Home in One’

Last Friday, 36 golfers and a merry group of volunteers and spectators came out to play in the sun, cheer each other on, and raise money and awareness for Rapp at Home.
How much more grief?

In recognition of how deeply Emily touched our hearts, it makes me wonder how much more grief do we need to experience in our families, in our communities, and in our world to stop gun violence.
Epidemic ‘raging’ in county

The board has been holding its routine monthly meeting on a weekday for decades. Four decades, at least, I haven’t checked the records, but this alleged “arrogant disregard” likely started well before that.
No justifying attacks

The employees, supervisors, and members of other governmental bodies in our county deserve our support and gratitude, not the wave of hostile criticism that seems to be engulfing the county.
Not drinking the Kool-Aid

What I want Mr. Goff is a healthy community, land values that are increasing and taxation that remains relatively low compared to neighboring counties. Let’s drop the “them against us” mentality … you are not the victim of the taxpayers.
‘Better informed citizen’

I just finished a quick run-through of the April 6th issue of the Rappahannock News, and I was impressed (once again) — it was all worth the read, and, as a result, I'm a better informed citizen.
Open letter to fellow residents

They need our help. I think it is the right time for all those who support the way things are progressing in the county — toward better government, better financial controls and increased adoption of better practices — to show…
Coal miners, buggy makers

The coal industry does not represent a reliable source of jobs for the future. You may as well be trying to restore buggy makers to their place in the economy.