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Unfair ‘attack’ on farming

It appears that the author of the extensive article on March 9 “The Land, A Plan, A FUTURE” could benefit from reading the current Comprehensive Plan (the official one). Chapter Six articulates the Goals, Principles, and Policies of that Plan.
Garrett loves Rappahannock?

This is one of many examples of conflict of interest in the Trump administration so far, and Rep. Garrett has been happy to oblige the President without question. He toes the line against environmental protection and for the short-term gain…
He’s our congressman

As new constituents of Congressman Tom Garrett’s Fifth District, my husband reached out to Rep. Garrett to send a representative to the Broadband Committee meeting. While the congressman’s rep was unable to attend, he did contact me the next day.
Promote, advocate . . .

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‘Cynical’ vision on farming

The article “The Land, A Plan, A Future” in last week’s issue is interesting and informative, but we take issue with the thesis that farming in Rappahannock County has little or no value.
‘Stewards’ of Rappahannock

Last week’s article "The Land, a Plan, a Future," a special report by the Foothills Forum, was quite informative, but also brought up some alarming points about the future of this county.
Boo Hoo . . .

Yes, Rappahannock could use better cell services and more young people and employment opportunities, but it is not for everyone — fortunately.
Good night had by all

Thanks to your generosity we raised essential funds that will enable us to rescue and care for additional stray, abandoned, injured, neglected, abused, and feral cats and kittens throughout Rappahannock. This is a true blessing as the need is great.
What’s up with that?

Rappahannock County Schools have excelled this year in sports and still get “section 2” page news? What entitles a FRONT PAGE news story on our county’s youth athletes who represent our county on the state level?
Close-minded country

I think the article really touched on how close-minded we can be as a country. The question was asked, “Can we only feel secure when we demonize another race or religion?” And I believe that is true.
Not <em>my</em> congressman, apparently

So I can only gather from this that Congressman Garrett does not care about this constituent's concerns. He might do better to take a page out of Mark Sanford's book.
Calving, reading, and rabid dogs

I have always enjoyed winters in the County, feeding the cows and seeing the look of appreciation on their faces as they chow down on fresh hay. I especially enjoy those sometimes necessary jobs associated with cows having calves.
Kudos to Knick

I want to congratulate Rapp News for outstanding investigative reporting and Mrs. Knick for her courage to provide transparency, on the serious matter of rule of law.