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Recess doesn’t mean disappear

We read Congressman Garrett’s letter in last week’s paper and would like to discuss some points. Unfortunately he has not held nor has he committed to holding a live town hall meeting with his constituents during this recess week.
Pave paradise?

I love Rappahannock. It suits my soul....We stopped in Gainesville a few days ago. Amazing how fast that community developed. Blazing lights replace the stars; the American need for shopping and entertainment evidenced everywhere.
The easy way out

Mr. Garrett’s lack of willingness to address the questions sent to him via Facebook and his avoidance of real answers shows me that this type of town hall meeting is a cowardly way to address the issues of his constituents.
Garrett toes the Trump line

Will he compel Sheriff Connie Compton to harass law-abiding immigrants coming into our community? What is he doing about student debt crushing our families? Or the unfunded state mandates driving up our property taxes?
Kudos to Boots n Beer

Our local hiking club, Boots n Beer hiked the trail last Saturday. I showed the others the trash site. We frequently use Shenandoah National Park and on President's Day, Feb. 20, we plan to collect the trash.
Please call 911

Finally if you do not have insurance YOU DON'T OWE ANYTHING! This can't be emphasized enough and please spread the word. Avoid unnecessary risk to life by calling 911 in a medical emergency.
Not a ‘Muslim ban’

I hear my Democrat friends saying that a “Muslim ban” will serve as a recruiting tool for ISIS. I agree. Talk of one will have those consequences but I would submit there is in fact no Muslim ban.
Breaking bread with a Imam

I think generally it was the last gasp of a way in which old white men generally determined what was best for all which generally excluded anyone who was different.
Wake-up call

What is happening in Marshall and along Route 211, in conjunction with our declining population, is a wake-up call for everyone in this community. Your thoughtful reporting was spot on.
VDOT: No MacPherson ruling

I read the story in yesterday’s paper about the MacPhersons’ rezoning application withdrawal, and wanted to point out that VDOT did not make any formal determinations.
Oh Henry!

Al Henry is a great asset to Rappahannock County. He has been dedicated to our county for many years as a member of the planning commission. Al has the knowledge of the policies to guide our county safely.
Don’t forget the men

As a participant in the march, I can assure you that there were great numbers of men as well as women at the rally. The concerns raised at the march are concerns of all genders, colors, religions and nationalities.
Drilling in National Parks

Deregulated Oil and Gas drilling in National Parks? What! Congress has wasted no time attacking environmental protections.They are like the foxes in the hen house licking their chops not knowing which to attack first.