Letter: A dim view of cell tower

With much appreciation for the Planning Commission, the Board of Supervisors and the tremendous responsibilities of both groups, I respectfully disagree with their collective decision to approve the first installation of AT&T’s proposed cell tower […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: A height disadvantage

While supporting cell phone service in Rappahannock County, my wife and I were taken aback by the recent balloon test on the Jones property just off Woodward Road. The cell phone tower application states that: […]


Letter: Too tall an order

There is nothing subtle about them. The height of the AT&T 199-foot cell monopoles proposed in Sperryville and at the high school are a jarring contrast to Rappahannock’s rolling hillside and mountain vistas. The 3-foot […]


Letter: Ned Ludd or Thomas Hobbes?

Desperately clinging to yesteryear’s outmoded cell phone tower technology while not taking advantage of the latest voice-data transmission science afforded in the extraordinary innovations of geostatic satellite technology is a strange place from which to […]


Letter: Disconnected thinking

I read Ron Maxwell’s long-winded Luddite manifesto in the Dec. 2 Rappahannock News and I think he missed the point. People here in Rappahannock County are also hoping that improved cellular service will provide additional, […]