Letter: Ned Ludd or Thomas Hobbes?

Desperately clinging to yesteryear’s outmoded cell phone tower technology while not taking advantage of the latest voice-data transmission science afforded in the extraordinary innovations of geostatic satellite technology is a strange place from which to […]


Letter: Disconnected thinking

I read Ron Maxwell’s long-winded Luddite manifesto in the Dec. 2 Rappahannock News and I think he missed the point. People here in Rappahannock County are also hoping that improved cellular service will provide additional, […]

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Tower of Babel

Here we go again. Every eight years like a biblical plague come the cell phone drones. The same old arguments dusted off and tried again. Like a bad horror film the corpse of the cell […]


Letter: REC bases future on coal

Customers of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, the electric utility that serves many people in this area, are not just customers. They’re also members and owners of the cooperative, much like a stockholder partly owns a corporation. […]