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Your Nov. 8 to-do list

Here’s what’s on the ballot that Rappahannock County voters will see on Nov. 8, Election Day. If you haven’t registered to vote next Monday (Oct. 17) is the last day to do so.
Supervisors open on Monday

Flatwood recycling center may or may not be open in the future on Mondays, but this coming Monday (Oct. 17), Rappahannock County’s supervisors will be. The supervisors will meet at the Washington fire hall at 7 p.m. Monday.
Trump: ‘A one-way ticket to Palookaville’

The formula that has worked for Donald Trump’s success cannot scale up to America’s needs. DT has been successful because he has worked on the edges. Stuff like screwing contractors to improve the bottom line won’t work for the nation.
Suit offends, board defends

At their regular October session, Rappahannock County’s supervisors took four hours Monday afternoon to deal with the county’s business. This included adopting several measures meant to defend the board, its elected members and county staff in court.
A proud moment

I attended the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday afternoon and I’m very proud of my fellow citizens. The board is confronted with a frivolous lawsuit that vindictively sues each member personally. It has sown dissension in our community.
Deface the nation

Complaints about campaign signs being stolen or vandalized have been reaching both the newspaper and the sheriff’s office lately, though no one has yet been reported caught or charged in Rappahannock County.
Possible suit alleges FOIA violations by supervisors

The Code of Virginia does not prohibit irony. Thus, over the manner in which it made decisions this summer to seek a replacement for its departing longtime county attorney, the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors will now apparently be sued.

During perusal of the Oct. 27, 1983 edition of the Rappahannock News — and in light of certain headlines in the same paper 33 years later — these vintage campaign ads just seemed to jump off the page.
The agenda bender

The supervisors convened at 7 p.m. for a public “work session” Sept. 19 kicking off the board’s new policy to hold a second meeting later in the month whenever it was deemed necessary. This one was evidently necessary; they didn’t…
‘We are walking on a slippery slope’

I challenge the board of supervisors and the county administrator to fight the effort in Richmond to strip us of our rights and authority to protect our county and way of life. I also challenge the supervisors and administrator to…
Rappahannock County 101

In light of recent confusion, the county considers creating a "Rappahannock 101" course for citizens. And here, for the same reasons, is a brief brief primer on how local government works, or is meant to work, in the areas of…