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‘We are walking on a slippery slope’

I challenge the board of supervisors and the county administrator to fight the effort in Richmond to strip us of our rights and authority to protect our county and way of life. I also challenge the supervisors and administrator to…
Rappahannock County 101

In light of recent confusion, the county considers creating a "Rappahannock 101" course for citizens. And here, for the same reasons, is a brief brief primer on how local government works, or is meant to work, in the areas of…
Why we need Tom Garrett in Congress

As a small business owner, Sen. Garrett has seen how government mandates and regulations crush employers which is why he has consistently stood against increased regulations on Virginia job creators
The pasture is prologue

Which party, Ms. Kerr? Are you accusing the Green Party? The Independent Green Party? The Libertarian Party? The Constitutional Party? Or are you talking about (wink-wink) the Democratic Party?
Trump supporters’ signs taken

It may be of interest to the greater community that two political "Trump" yard signs were recently removed from two separate locations in Rappahannock County: Castleton and Washington.
Embrace change? No. Adapt to it? Possibly.  

PART 3 OF 3: In such communities as Rappahannock, where broadband infrastructure is complicated by hilly, wooded terrain, the onus is now largely on local governments to make it happen, but there remains a wariness here about anything that could…
More smoke, less signal

PART 2 OF 3: In lieu of cell and broadband connectivity, Rappahannock's students, visitors, responders and workers plug into some creative solutions.
‘To just plow through . . . would be a mistake’

More than 30 interested citizens showed up for last Friday’s forum, jointly hosted by the Rappahannock News and the Foothills Forum at Tula’s Restaurant in Washington, a discussion focused on the start of a Foothills-sponsored series on cell and broadband…
Is it a plan, or a cure for insomnia?

The July 20 Rappahannock County Planning Commission meeting received extensive coverage in the Rappahannock News and on Rappnet. Much of the discussion centers on a view of our county’s future, with the dominant comment being, “Don’t change.” Yet there is…