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Meet Zeus, your new best friend

I am a 75-pound, 3-to-4 year-old German Shepherd and I came to RAWL as a stray. I’ve passed the play-with-Shannon-the-Hound test that they administer to all newcomers here.
Meet your next best friend: Ruby

I’m a senior dog and came to RAWL after being chained up my whole life. I weigh 55 pounds, and I’m a Lab/Border Collie mix. Age slowed me down a bit but I move around pretty well now.
Your Next Best Friend: Daisy

Hey, y’all. My name is Daisy and I am one of the true American breeds of dogs, the black and tan coonhound. Did you know that George Washington owned four black and tans named Drunkard, Taster, Tipsy and Tiple.
My best friend Luna

Last month, with the intention of introducing myself as the new editor of this newspaper, I paid my first visit to the RAWL shelter in Amissville. That's how I met Luna.
Your Next Best Friend: Bella

My name is Bella, they say here that I’m pretty near perfect — well-behaved, low energy, love everybody. I’m a 3-year-old husky mix and have the really cool husky eyes.
Your Next Best Friend: Rosie

Hi! My name’s Rosie and I am looking for a home where I can have tons of fun ‘cause I’m tons of fun. I am 1-year- old girl Lab/Hound mix and weigh 50 lbs.
Your Next Best Friend: Reba

Work, work, work! That’s my motto. I’m a red heeler and that’s what we do. My name is Reba, as in Reba McEntire, another redhead. I mostly ignore other dogs ’cause I’m focused on my next job.
Your Next Best Friend: Shannon

Hi, my name’s Shannon. I may be a redhead but I’m not Irish. American as they come. Us hounds go back a few centuries in the country’s history. I’m a redtick coonhound and came to RAWL as a stray.
Your Next Best Friend: Paisley

Paisley’s my name and I’m a 5-month-old pit bull puppy. Paisley’s originally a Scottish word but my ancestors come from England — as in Staffordshire terrier, the fancier name for my breed.
Your Next Best Friend: Sandy

I’m about 2 years old, looking for a home and a mixture of dachshund and Jack Russell terrier. As you can see from my portrait, my ears look like dachshund ears that decided to stand up.
Your Next Best Friend: Duke

I’m a husky mix, mostly husky, and my name is Duke. I’m 2 years young, and I’m gonna need a fenced yard in my new home but love humans (of course), other dogs, and, yes, even cats.
Your Next Best Friend: Grace

My name is Grace and I am a 2- to 3-year-old German shepherd/Rottweiler mix, weighing 60 to 65 pounds. I am typical of both my breeds: smart, secure and fun.
Your Next Best Friend: Grace

My name is Grace and I’m a beagle mix with some unusual coloring for a beagle. I look as if there could be a big ol’ Black and Tan Coonhound back there somewhere; you never know.
Thank you from RAWL

We are grateful to all of our friends who came out to support the Rappahannock Animal Welfare League last Friday (Oct. 28) for Mutt Mix & Mingle. It was wonderful to see many familiar faces and some new ones too!
Your Next Best Friend: Sampson

I’m Sampson by name and 2 years old, weighing around 60 pounds. Lots of Malinois work with the police and military. One of us went with the Navy Seals on their successful mission to track down Osama bin Laden.