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Your Next Best Friend: Evan

Hi, My name is Evan and I’m one of those dogs “who once was lost but now I’m found” and, boy, am I glad. I’m pretty much a beagle, perhaps a splash of dachshund.
Your Next Best Friend: Benji

I’m a beagle and in true beagle fashion followed my nose and wound up somewhere and had no idea where I was. So I came into RAWL as a stray and they named me Benji.
Your Next Best Friend: Spring

I’m a Belgian shepherd malinois and labrador retriever mix, female, 1 to 2 years old, and 46 pounds and gaining. Obedience is something I love, and being intelligent I just soak it up.
Your Next Best Friend: Rogen

Hey, apologies for us RAWL dogs not getting our advertisements written for the last two weeks. It’s not like there weren’t any candidates — me, for instance. I’m Rogen, a rather grand 3-year-old Old English bulldog mix.
Your Next Best Friend: Pudgy

My name is Pudgy and I’m a 10-month-old bulldog mix, several breeds all squished into a compact little love bug . . . me! I love other dogs and cats, too, and, of course, humans.
Your Next Best Friend: Hannah

“Hannah Baby is a honey of a girl . . . .” I love the Rolling Stones and this is from an old song of theirs called “Memory Hotel.” I won’t go into that. Anyway, the RAWL staff describe me…
Your Next Best Friend: Sophia

I was named for Sophia Loren; the folks at RAWL wanted me to feel beautiful. I was abandoned, lost almost half my normal weight of about 80 pounds, and had some nasty eye problems.
Your Next Best Friend: Kasey

The people here at RAWL call me a “low rider.” Okay, my legs are shorter than the average bear’s (okay, hound’s) because I’ve got a lot of basset hound blood, but also some beagle relatives somewhere. Name’s Kasey and I’m…
Your Next Best Friend: Carmine

Hey, y’all! I’m a redbone coonhound named Carmine. Like most of my hound kin I am very loving, and playing is a favorite activity, especially with other dogs my size.
Thank you for hosting RAWL’s fundraiser

The Rappahannock Animal Welfare League and all of the RAWL dogs would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Griffin Tavern for hosting a great fundraiser for us last Friday. I would like to send a special thanks…
Your Next Best Friend: Bailey

Fun is my middle name. I’m a 5-month-old foxhound girl. I love everything and everyone I come into contact with — people, other dogs, cats, toys, even the occasional butterfly.
Your Next Best Friend: Smoke

My name is Smoke and I’m a young male American Staffordshire Terrier, though I prefer pitbull terrier as I find that other name kinda stuck up. And, as I always say, “Where there’s Smoke, there’s happy.”
Your Next Best Friend: Lindsay

My name is Lindsay and the RAWL people think I might be mostly Brittany Spaniel or maybe King Charles (or Queen Charlotte, in my case). But I’m really not high-falutin’ enough to be of royal lineage.
Your Next Best Friend: Margie

Hey, everybody! The RAWL Dogs are back, and I’m leading the parade. My name is Margie and I’m a fun-lovin’, ball-playin’, kid-lickin’, cat-friendly fool.
Your Next Best Friend: Nora

Hi, everybody. I’m a shy, little beagle named Nora. I’m 11 months old and weigh 12 pounds. I’d really like to find a home where I can have another dog I can rely on.