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Wanna go for a ride? FAMS will show you how

Part of a joint venture between Rapp Rapidan Community Services, Rapp Rapidan Commuter Services, Aging Together and other non-profits, FAMS is a call center that will help residents of Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, Orange and Rapp counties find transportation.
‘Stand up’ and align with gravity

One would assume that a best-kept secret to a long and healthy life would be somewhat technical — given it was revealed by NASA’s former director of life sciences to a Rappahannock County audience last Friday. Think again. And don’t…
The Rapp for March 9

PEC's resources for farmland seekers and landowners; the Artisan Trail’s doors are open this Saturday; this Friday at the Library, a former NASA scientist speaks on “How to Age Better and Other Space Stories.”
Assisting our Rappahannock neighbors

Socially and physically isolated, elderly, frail, many of them low income, and disabled. Not all are seniors, rather physically challenged people of all ages who require transportation.
The Rapp for March 17

The Rapp for March 17: Telephone program reassures shut-ins • Improv workshop • John Cowan Band in Concert at Drum & Strum
Letter: Rapp@Home is getting ready to launch

Many people have asked us if Rapp@Home is still around. And we are glad to report that Rapp@Home is alive and well. You haven’t heard much from us in the last few months because we have been preoccupied with the…
The Rapp: Rough Ride, big weekend and beyond

The annual Rough Ride plus all-woman jazz and all-British Shakespeare, a new restaurant for Flint Hill Public House’s owners, a new director for Rapp at Home, visiting “East Jesus” by way of Culpeper, lots more in this week’s The Rapp.
Glamour in Scrabble

The Rappahannock Senior Center at the Scrabble School held a "Glamour Shots" Day last week, and the participants had a grand time.
Rappahannock at Home: neighbors helping neighbors 

The senior population of Rappahannock County, as in many other communities around the country, is growing. Community activist Hal Hunter, inspired by working village organizations around the country, has been working on an organization called Rappahannock at Home to help…

Last week’s front-page story highlighted how rising property taxes in Rappahannock County are causing big problems for middle-aged and senior citizens living on fixed incomes. It doesn't help that the Federal Reserve has no interest in seniors or savers.