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Rt. 655 bridge to close for rehab

The Virginia Department of Transportation will close the Route 655 (Short Road) bridge over Beaverdam Creek in Rappahannock County for approximately four weeks for rehabilitation beginning April 17.
Wanna go for a ride? FAMS will show you how

Part of a joint venture between Rapp Rapidan Community Services, Rapp Rapidan Commuter Services, Aging Together and other non-profits, FAMS is a call center that will help residents of Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison, Orange and Rapp counties find transportation.
Another banner year for Rappahannock County motorists

It’s official: 2016 was Rappahannock County’s fourth year in a row with no traffic fatalities. In Rappahannock County over the last five years an average of 143 crashes occurred annually, including about 50 per year that involved injuries.
VDOT’s infinite wisdom

Once again VDOT shows its infinite wisdom by closing the bridge on Fodderstack Road during the school year and the approaching tourist season with the fall colors.
What does it take to slow the traffic?

For the past seven months, I've respectfully advocated, through emails and in-person requests at four of the last seven supervisor meetings, a reduction of the speed limit in the village of Woodville from 35 mph to 25 mph.
Motorcycle speeders sentenced

Three northern Virginia men on motorcycles pleaded guilty to reckless driving by speed and were sentenced in District Court and alcohol-related cases top the July 12th docket.
Rock Mills Road now closed until Sept. 2

The Rock Mills Road bridge over the Covington River, originally meant to reopen July 28 after its deck was replaced, will now be closed into the first week of September, four weeks after schools go back into session.
The county has a traffic signal

It’s a matter of pride that Rappahannock County is so rural that it doesn’t have a single stoplight. Well, that is no longer true, at least for a few months.
The Blizzard of 2016

Even the geese saw this one coming, as flocks of a dozen or so merged into strings a hundred strong, fleeing the white wall of snow that had faded the Blue Ridge to the West on Friday by about 10:30…