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Promote, advocate . . .

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‘Cynical’ vision on farming

The article “The Land, A Plan, A Future” in last week’s issue is interesting and informative, but we take issue with the thesis that farming in Rappahannock County has little or no value.
Looking at face values

War drums continue to beat within the Rappahannock News Comment columns, in-sync with leftist babble and tainted with disdain toward those who express viewpoints unlike their own. Unfortunately, some submit letters of protestation that appear to distort truth.
‘Stewards’ of Rappahannock

Last week’s article "The Land, a Plan, a Future," a special report by the Foothills Forum, was quite informative, but also brought up some alarming points about the future of this county.
Boo Hoo . . .

Yes, Rappahannock could use better cell services and more young people and employment opportunities, but it is not for everyone — fortunately.
School news for March 16

Congratulations to Senior Kayla Robey of RCHS and future student athlete at Shenandoah University; and WCDS announced that all seventeen seniors have been accepted to college — the tradition of 100 percent acceptance continues unbroken.
Union of bankers and community

Local Union Bank & Trust officials Mike Leake and Jason Brady welcome the Virginia bank’s new president John C. Asbury to the Rappahannock Cellars Barrel Room last Thursday.
Down Memory Lane for March 16

Feb. 24, 1983 — Medicine in the Mountains: Even something as tragic as a flu epidemic has its humorous side. Pauline Bruce’s memories still bring a smile to her face. Her entire family was down with the sickness.
Meetings and notices for March 16

Commit to Be Fit is a school sponsored, grant funded program that offers weekly exercise classes and wellness workshops for the County community through the generosity of the Path foundation.
Courthouse Row for March 16

The costs cited with the following permit applications are estimates: Avon Hall LLC, Washington, add bathroom, $10,000; Inn at LW LLC, Washington, interior remodel, $125,000; 920 Fodderstack Rd. LLC, Flint Hill, renovation, $75,000.
Former deputy pleads not guilty

Former Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Matthew McCormack of Amissville has issued a plea of not guilty surrounding the alleged felony sexual assault of a child younger than 13.