Editorial: Make the News!

You will have heard by now that this newspaper is under new ownership, and that the new owners, along with the publisher and editor, are all local, Rappahannock-based folks. This is a good thing.

But the more important reality is that it’s you, our readers, who are the local folks who’ll make the most difference in determining what the Rappahannock News should be covering and whether it succeeds – or how soon it succeeds, in case any of the new owners are reading this – in becoming a 21st-century community newspaper that is both appreciated and sustainable.

I figure we don’t become much appreciated by deciding from the start that we already know what you want – or miss, or absolutely don’t want – in your hometown newspaper. We have some ideas, of course, but we would like as many of our readers’ ideas, suggestions and constructive criticisms as we can get.

Do you want more school news? More local history? More opinion? Less? Are there certain types of events and developments you feel are being overlooked – or maybe overexposed? We would like to hear from you.

Rappahannock County is a special place – and, I believe, it is special for the same exact, passionate, fundamental reasons to those of us who are new here as it is to those of us who are not. It’s still easy to lump people you meet into categories – are you a weekender or local, been-here or come-here, farmer or tree-hugger? – but the reality gets ever more complicated.

The more of us who can fit into more than one category, the less the categories mean. For that reason we’d like to focus on people, not categories, and if you know of some good places – or people – to keep us moving in that direction, please let us know.

For those of our readers who have asked, we hope to have our content back online – at www.rappnews.com   – within the next week or so. It will most likely be free – unless you cancel your paid subscription because of that, in which case we will take all of our content offline and go hide in a corner. Not really.

The web site will offer several ways of interacting with us that do not require broadband internet access. In the meantime, however, please share your ideas, suggestions, letters, complaints and/or compliments with us by calling 540-675-3338, sending an email to editor@rappnews.com  , or the old-fashioned way: Stop by our office at 249 Main St., Washington, between 8:30 and 5 weekdays. We usually have coffee.

Roger Piantadosi

Roger Piantadosi
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Former Rappahannock News editor Roger Piantadosi is a writer and works on web and video projects for Rappahannock Media and his own Synergist Media company. Before joining the News in 2009, he was a staff writer, editor and web developer at The Washington Post for almost 30 years.