Letter: Is there a mouser in the house?

The colder the weather, the more mice seem to come into my home! While I feel sorry for them and understand their desire for warmth, I do not like sharing my food with them. Nor, I must confess, do I appreciate their lack of bathroom etiquette.

Can anybody help? There must be some country folk wisdom, tried and true, floating about in Rappahannock County regarding the best way to deal with these cute but unhygienic intruders.

Poisons may kill them, but when their dead bodies begin to decompose in walls and other places I can’t get at, the smell drives me out into the cold. And all the different kinds of traps have different problems of their own.

Recently, I’ve tried those sonic devices that you plug into electric sockets whose high frequencies supposedly drive the mice crazy and so back out into the cold. But the mice in my house must wear earplugs, because these devices don’t seem to work either. I wonder if the Rappahannock News has some kind of “reader exchange” whereby readers can share problems like this — and, hopefully, home remedies that work. Thanks so much,

Pat Bland

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  1. try the new “house” traps… I think they’re made by Ortho, and they look kinda like a Glade Plug-In. Bait it w/ peanut butter. Doesn’t kill’em, though. They say you toss the trap away, but I put it in an empty cereal bag, open the door, let the mouse peek out, then flip him out and step on the bag; let’s me reuse the trap.

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