Letter: Pilates and posture assessment: Thanks, Cindy!

There are so many little benefits to living in Rappahannock County in addition to the obvious of beautiful countryside, warm and friendly people, and a rural community that is committed to preserving our little slice of heaven.

One of the benefits is not known to a large number of folks but deserves touting.  Mountainside Pilates owner, Cindy Markart, is that gem. A group of friends who join me in weekly Pilates classes with Cindy got together this past weekend for a Posture Analysis Assessment with Cindy. What an education that was for all of us! We learned our individual structural idiosyncrasies and how our muscles affect our posture, our gait, and day-to- day pain issues we may have and got points on what to do to work toward correcting these issues.

I for one didn’t realize I stand with my knees hyper-extended toward the back, probably as a result of a severe car accident many years ago and a knee replacement and ankle surgery. To stand correctly, I need to bend my knees slightly to align my body into a more correct form. While I know all the points given to me will be a hard and long effort to correct on my part, I know I feel a lot better when I do and can hardly wait until it is second nature.

Cindy is warm, friendly, very talented and easy to work with.  She is willing to work with anyone including students to perfect athletic abilities and older folks to correct and strengthen their bodies. I feel very fortunate to have the benefit of the valuable instruction and guidance of Cindy Markart and Mountainside Pilates right here in our own back yard.

Fran Moore Krebser

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