Sperryville: Taking care of the neighbors

Between snowstorms and cold weather, we have heard wonderful stories of neighbors taking care of neighbors. For those who have been helped, please say an extra thank you to your friends and neighbors; For the rest of us, please continue keeping an eye out for those who may be in need of assistance. Shoveling someone’s sidewalk or path shoveling, making a grocery run or carrying in some wood can make a huge difference to someone who is elderly or ill.  We are so lucky to live where we do, and to have the sort of neighbors that we have.

Non-storefront businesses, continued: the John Jenkins family
Michelle and John Jenkins were both raised right here in Sperryville. Michelle (Weakley), although born in Arlington (her father had met and married her mother when he was working there), is from a family of more than four generations in the county. Her father Andrew was born and raised in Jenkins Hollow and brought the family back home just a few years after Michelle was born.
John was born at Five Forks in Woodville, but spent most of his growing up years in Sperryville with his aunt and uncle, the Whartons, who owned the hotel (now Hopkins Ordinary) and lived in the house beside the Thornton River Grille now occupied by Randolph Clatar and his family.

Michelle and John met where Michelle worked at the old Horseshoe Hills Restaurant just west of town on U.S. 211, across from the Glassworks Gallery. Married now for 20 years, they had two sons. Johnny Jr., may he rest in peace, lived for 12 years, being greatly loved by family and friends – especially his brother Hunter, who is now almost 14 and in eighth grade at Rappahannock High School.  Hunter just joined the wrestling team and spent most of his Christmas vacation at wrestling practice.  If you see Hunter, be sure to cheer him on!

Michelle has her own house- cleaning business, C-Me-Clean, which she did part time for the 12 years she was the main caregiver for Johnny. Michelle also has started a catering business, specializing in southern country food – much enjoyed by many of us at Fire Department events, Lions Club meetings and elsewhere.

John is well known for his organic vegetable gardens (especially his heirloom tomatoes!) and is an expert landscaper – including tree work, mulching and regular lawn care maintenance. John spent eight years with VDOT, leaving about 15 years ago to concentrate on his business full time.

John and Michelle pride themselves on their volunteerism in the community – they have both been involved in the Sperryville Volunteer Fire Department for over 15 years. Michelle is currently president of the SVFD Auxiliary as well as a supportive member of the SFVD itself. John is captain of the SVFD. Many of you also know that they started a scholarship fund in Little Johnny’s name three years ago and have given many scholarships to graduating Rappahannock Seniors. Thank you both for all you do.

For your catering, cleaning and landscaping needs, call Michelle and John at 987-9440.

Sperryville eateries update
As you read in last week’s Rappahannock News, there have been many changes in our village – an old spot for old friend, new spots for old friends, and a goodbye to an old friend.

F.T. Valley Grocery: Beverly Samuels is back, as some of you already know.  Stop by to say hi, buy groceries or enjoy a meal, especially visit on Saturdays for her special soups and sandwiches.

High on the Hog: Mary Ann Jenkins is now at High on the Hog with J.D. – along with her famous chicken salad and baked goods (and her sausage and gravy).

Thornton River Grille: Terri Lehman may have closed ECow; but we are lucky to now have her in Sperryville; the Corner Store/Thornton River Grille’s new catering operation is getting ready to kick off.  Thanks, Ken and Andy, for bringing her to Sperryville!

Rae’s: We are sorry to hear that Rae will be leaving us at the end of the month. Please be sure to stop by for a last meal or two of her famous cooking, or to buy some of the antiques and second items she has promised to sell in the place before she goes. We will all miss that Hungarian Mushroom Soup!

Sperryville reminder!
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