The subject is water

Monday’s post-storm flood waters, which caused a slew of temporary closings throughout the county but no serious injuries, may have been great for kayaks, but were not good — never are — for cars and trucks.

Tyler Holtzman on the rain-swollen upper Thornton in Sperryville Monday afternoon. Photo by Chris Moyles.

Experienced kayaker and Tyler Holtzman is shown shooting the rapids on the upper Thornton River, above Sperryville, on Monday afternoon. Only in very high water can this section of the river be run, says Chris Moyles, who acted as scout and took this photo — and then only by highly skilled kayakers.

A driver is stranded on his half-submerged pickup truck at Rock Mills.

At about the same time Tuesday afternoon, fire and rescue squads from Washington, Castleton and Sperryville were called to Rock Mills to rescue an unidentified man, above, who attempted to cross fast-moving water over a submerged section of Long Mountain Road – in his compact pickup, which was swept away but luckily hung up on some big submerged rocks.

On the subject of local rivers, there’s a story in today’s paper about a free dinner next week to promote low-cost fencing for farmers. And for a decidedly different take on livestock fencing in the upper Rappahannock watershed, see the op-ed column by Mike Massie.

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